Dear Valued Customers,

Vaping has certainly come a long way since we first started serving you. We began as a total unknown in the industry. It is all thanks to your support, reviews and usage of our products that we have grown to be the benchmark for others for producing quality PVs.

Amidst all the competition, advertisements and promotions, we feel that we do not take enough time to properly thank and appreciate the ones who are responsible for our success today.

We started the Absolutely eCigs team to promote our products to end users. This was during the time when Mseries meant nothing in the ecig industry. No one had heard of us. We wanted more end users to try our products to see for themselves what we felt was a great product! This would eventually capture the attention of retailers, distributors and wholesalers.

We succeeded and soon, most ecig vendors were carrying our line of products and this gave us the motivation to work even harder to satisfy our growing customer base, both retail and wholesale.

As it is the norm in China, whenever a successful product is born, imitation (knock offs/fake) versions will not be far away. This created some inconveniences as some unsuspecting customers fell prey to these fake goods that looks 100% identical to our products on the outside. Till now, this is still a problem but we are doing our best to educate our customers. These knock offs are emerging every day and what we can do to curb it is very limited. Our loyal customers have remained with us and it has been our pleasure to be able to grow with you!

We are now very complete in our product offerings. While the retail website offerings are limited, we offer virtually all the models available in the market on a wholesale basis. Customer input and support has been a vital part to our growth.

This thread and post is for YOU, our valued customer and friend! Thank you very much. We do not say this more often than we should. Looking back at these past 4 years, we have grown from a 100 person workforce to more than 500 (and growing). We would not be where we are today without YOU and not a day passes without us realizing this.

Once again, the two simple words that we will never say enough, Thank You!


Absolutely eCigs