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Thread: A few noob snus questions

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    A few noob snus questions

    Hey guys,
    A few months back I was working in the outback in Moomba SA, and one of the Canadian FIFO workers from another company gave me some snus to try. At first I wasn't a much of a fan, but not being able to smoke on shift I soon became hooked. Each swing he would bring me over some which was really great. I'm no longer working in Moomba, and I don't think he is either since the price of oil dropped late last year.
    My few questions are first about tax. I tried to google the amount of tax, but I couldn't find much information. Is anyone able to post a link?
    Also, is a roll just 10 tins?
    And last, is a tag along order legal? I only want a tin or two (at this stage) and thought maybe save on shipping if it was shared. I'm not sure how tax works or if people get the maximum amount, just thought I would ask the question.
    Thanks for any help guys

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    Yup a roll is 10 tins

    Importing smokeless tobacco au

    and cost stupidly high

    Its over the $600pk mark now I believe - never really went for just one or two cans so cant answer that - but snus is in line with TB tax which I think is over the $600pk mark now 13.2 Tobacco taxes in Australia - Tobacco In Australia - strictly speaking its not illegal - but not legal either - you can import for your personal use see above

    Its just that it appears that anti tobacco were only lazy about advocating for it (Really no other real reason) and now Australians- although there are quite a few users of snus - wont advocate for it either - bc they have better things to do yada yada- so its being mostly forgotten

    Hope this helps - but think Rhojin when he drops in can clarify further
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