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Thanks Noe you really are so generous to me mate, I have ordered some dry white crystal snus to try so I'll decline this time my friend but thanks a lot for the offer.

I'm looking forward to giving it a go and I believe it's a new form of snus so that'll be interesting, I chose the Vanilla, Mint and berry 6 of each so hopefully it's good lol.

You can order some for yourself here: Products – Al Capone Snus

If you want to try some Dholakia White snuff I can post you a vial for free ( you pay postage )

As for the White Elephant it is my favourite and i'll follow your lead and keep that one for myself

Actually the new dry white snus like Omni, on!, DOS etc etc etc, seem to be a smart way to go about it. The can weight is so small, like 6.5-8 grams for 20 portions, that even with customs tax (on what strictly speaking isn't a technically a tobacco product...) is very reasonable [compared to traditional snus costs]

(again apologies for long delays, dont check here often )