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Thread: Making Snus From American Spirit

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    Making Snus From American Spirit

    Snusers and Snusettes

    I've attempted and succeeded in manufacturing another batch of snus on the frontiers of the nanny state. Why oh why does the state persist in outlawing the sale of a legitimate tobacco product when converting an over the counter rolling tobacco into snus is readily and easily achieved in ones own kitchen beggars belief.

    In the event that you might be short of snus or couldn't be stuffed going through the process of dealing with border farce to get your snus, then this thread is for you. With some simple ingredients and the aid of a heating device like a slow cooker or pressure cooker, even an oven will do, you too could turn your nasty rolling tobacco into the good stuff.

    Last time I made snus I used a slow cooker to cook a batch over a 2 day period into some snus. This time around I used a pressure cooker to do essentially the same thing, the difference being it is achieved in a matter of hours rather than days. In our busy schedules what couldn't be better than pottering around the kitchen for a couple of hours and coming up with a few tins of snus to relax and unwind with?

    Okay what you'll need is;

    Salt (pure non-iodised)
    Sodium Carbonate
    Pressure Cooker or Slow Cooker (can use an oven but it'll be on constantly for 2-5days)
    Coffee Grinder/Meat Grinder/Food Processor (to grind the tobacco into flour)
    Preservative like Sodium Benzoate or Calcium Propionate (optional)
    Glycerin (optional)
    Flavours (optional)

    Step 1 - Prepare the tobacco

    For my batch I used around 100g of American Spirit rolling tobacco and 50g of Nasal Snuff I had lying around.

    I dried the rolling tobacco in the oven for 10 to 15 mins to get it completely dry so that it crumbles easily. I placed it in batches in a blade style coffee grinder to make the tobacco flour from the rolling tobacco. The snuff was already finely ground so didn't have to do anything with that. I didn't sieve the ground rolling tobacco but whizzed it for a few seconds until it was ground into a flour. You want a mix of fine and a little coarser grains I think to make it stick together better.

    Step 2 - Mix Salt, Water and Tobacco flour together

    After I make the flour I weigh it so I know how much sodium carbonate to add later. My bowl weighed 180g so I had 153g dry tobacco flour to make snus with.

    I then boil some water to dissolve the salt in. I used around 250ml water for this batch but if you want a guide, then something to start with is 120ml per 100g of dry tobacco flour.

    Salt is to taste but I use around 180g salt per 1kg of tobacco flour. I used 25g for this batch.

    After dissolving the salt in water mix it thoroughly into the tobacco flour until it is all moist with no dry spots.

    Step 3 - Cook the snus

    I used oven roasting bags to place the snus in and for my cook I used a pressure cooker I bought the other week when it was on sale at Target. I cooked the snus for one hour for the first cook in the pressure cooker.

    Cooking snus is a 2 stage process. The 2nd stage (2nd Cook) is when I add the sodium carbonate.

    Using a pressure cooker, water boils at a higher temperature under pressure, so the cooking time is greatly reduced. How long a cook should go for is something I can't really know for sure but I used this as a guide snus - Album on Imgur I chose 1 hour in the first cook as a nice round figure but maybe another hour would've darkened my snus more. It is something to experiment with in the future.

    When using a lower temperature cook like in a slow cooker you'll want to cook for 24 hours at around 85/90 degrees celcius. has a good tutorial on using a slow cooker to cook the snus but I'd recommend you don't use the foil over the crockpot Swedish Snus - Curious and creative You'll see a table at the bottom where he shows the times for cooking snus at different temps.

    Step 4 - Mix in Sodium Carbonate and Cook again

    After the hour was up I released the pressure and removed the snus to mix in the sodium carbonate before the 2nd and final cook.

    I used 15g of sodium carbonate for this batch. Creatinkers site recommends 80g per kilo of dry flour but iused the imgur album tutorials 10g per 100g of flour. Sodium carbonate is an important ingredient, it frees nicotine so more of it can be absorbed in your mouth. You can use less than me. The more you use the more it'll burn your lips and the more nic will be released. Don't go overboard, otherwise your lips will fall off.

    I made the sodium carbonate by heating Sodium Bicarbonate in the oven at 200-250 deg celcius for a couple of hours. Alternatively use Lectric washing soda if lazy.

    I also added 1.5g of calcium propionate at ratio 0.5% of the snus weight. Adding preservative is optional but I don't want mould so better to be safe than sorry I reckon.

    Mix the sodium carbonate and preservative in around 20ml of hot water and mix it thoroughly in the snus. It'll release ammonia so it will sting your eyes and nose a bit when mixing. Use a ventilated space to avoid the stinging.

    After I mixed the preservative and sodium carbonate I placed the snus in a new oven bag, added some more water in the base of my pressure cooker and cooked the snus again but this I chose 80 mins. A longer time will invariably provide a different outcome, possibly a darker and fuller flavoured snus. Will have to experiment further to find the optimal time for cooks.

    If using lower temps in an oven or slow cooker you'll want to cook the snus for 12 hours in the 2nd cook at 85/90 deg celcius.

    Step 6 - Add glycerin and package up for aging

    After the cook is finished it is essentially done. I add glycerin at around 3% of the weight of snus to aid stickiness and add a little sweetness to the snus. I used 9g of glycerol. Glycerin is optional.

    You can also add flavours at this stage but less is more if you do.

    After mixing glycerin and flavours if you choose to, pack it in a container and refrigerate for a couple weeks so the PH and flavours stabilise and meld together.

    Done. You may sample your creation too

    I particularly liked the outcome of this batch from my initial sample. It had no burnt or overly cooked taste. I thought it might have a cooked/burnt flavour using a pressure cooker at high temps, but no, it actually tasted quite good. A nice plain tobacco snus with a decent kick.

    I recommend you try giving it a go

    Happy snusing!

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    brilliant!!! so sticky'n this
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    Well done Twistie Good for you!

    Looks like you've put in a lot of time and effort into your researching and a lot of hard work.

    Onya matey and Thank you for sharing!
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