I have introduced this sub forum as a test.

The intention of this subforum is to serve as an archive of the success stories of individual forum contributors so that we can have a place to
celebrate our successes and bask in the success of others to serve as an encouragement for those who may still be making the switch.

This is intended to be a far more organised place than most sections and I want threads to largely follow a template, bearing in mind that not
all of the following need be fulfilled for a thread, its just a guide.

* Age (It can be rough and again its not required)
* Years spent smoking
* Reason for wanting to switch to e-cigarettes
* The story of your vaping journey:
1. Did you search out an alternative or just stumble upon them?
2. Was there something specific you were trying to address? (IE did you want to quit, save money, etc)
3. Did you set out to quit or just cut down, what did you tell yourself?
4. How did you go about achieving your goals, did you go cold turkey? Half and half? Did you feel pressured?
5. Were you supported by those around you
6. Are you happy with where you are now?

* Where you are with smoking/vaping now. Have your goals been achieved
* Would you recommend it to others?
* Closing thoughts/words of encouragement for others that may still be on their journey.

Please remember that the above is a rough guide to what I am looking for, they are not requirements and you are not forced to cover them all
to post in here. I am looking for one per member who chooses to be involved. In the end I would like to have the stories of potentially hundreds
of a members as a place to point to and answer the following question:

"Was switching to e-cigarettes successful for you?"

I want to be able to point them to this section and say "You want to see the life changing effects this community has experienced? Here you go."

I also want it to be able to serve as a source of encouragement for those who may still be trying to switch but are feeling lost or not sure if the
path they have chosen is correct. To remove some of the pressure they may have placed on themselves and to realise that everyone is different
and that what may work for one may not work for all so that they can can reduce that pressure on themselves and take it at their own pace.

Thank you all for taking the time to read and post.