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    Quote Originally Posted by gordo86 View Post
    So leave the caps off the whole time while steeping?
    It allows oxygen access to the liquid, so it can oxidise faster. That may (or may not) be helpful. Just leave the cap off for a few minutes (exchange the air in the bottle) then recap and give it a good shake. That's probably more useful anyway since it aerates the liquid and increases the exposure surface area. Gentle heat will also speed the process up.

    Disclaimer: I never do any of this. Speeding up the aging process never works fantastic for anything in my opinion, whether it's wine, cheese, or e-liquid. I just let nature takes its slow course, then I try to catch it at the perfect moment. The most I do is half an hour or so on the stir plate - I'm more interested in getting the molecules to bump around and combine with the nicotine if they want to, and make sure it's thoroughly mixed.
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    Quote Originally Posted by fabricator4 View Post
    I just let nature takes its slow course, then I try to catch it at the perfect moment.
    Slow..? we're already 13 billion years in the making, where did that go
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    Quote Originally Posted by emu View Post
    Slow..? we're already 13 billion years in the making, where did that go
    Some would argue with that age...

    (But not me! Other than any previous iteration would make it a lot older, and beyond our ability to ever know.)

    As far as steeping goes, I do tend to throw freshly made DIY liquid in the ultrasonic cleaner not to 'steep' but to 'mix'. Shake it up, put it in for it's 3 minute cycle (because it's cheap and that's all it's got for a cycle time), repeat a few times. No method to it, but does make very sure everything is mixed up well which is important.

    Some flavours need time to settle down with each other. I've found in particular blueberry (2 weeks), mango (1-2 weeks) and pipe (longer the better) do absolutely need some time to settle down, most other flavours change over time and not necessarily for the better or worse, but they do change. Nicotine also has it's own effect, but at the levels I use (6mg/ml) it's not much to worry about, at least I don't notice it very much.

    And as these are 'tastes', there's no real right or wrong answer. If it's good for you, that's the only person that needs to be impressed and what anyone else thinks is irrelevant (but we're all allowed to have our opinion, which like taste is unique the each of us and wrong to everyone else!).

    On saving money, I was when I started. Not any more. Coffin nails are cheap here, and I tend to spend the same on vaping stuff now as I used to on gaspers. Could be worse, I could be using the 'electronic cigarettes' they do here, which really are electrically heated cigarettes and the tiny little sticks cost the same as a pack does, plus the buy in cost makes them a heck of a lot more expensive. They're more popular here now and must be a massive money spinner for BT...

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