Started this journey about two months ago and went from 15-20 darts a day to 2-3 a week, mainly when at the pub with the boys.

Used to get short of breath easily and a mate at golf turned me to The Steamery and Long White Vapour NZ and haven't looked back or struggled for breath anything like I used to.

44 years young with young kids in Sydney so things had to change.

Really enjoying change and thought I'd share a bit of the experience.

So I've got 3 devices now and I'm finding myself coming back to about 5 or 6 flavours regularly now.

--- Vapoureyes NZ

- All day breakfast
Nice like a bowl of milk after all the fruit loops have been eaten. Probably my favourite ADV

- Admiral V
Nice strawberry

- Morris the Grape
Nice grape hubba bubba

Just ordered today;
Alpha + Omega, Momos milk, Caramised tobacco,
and some more of the others

Great service and fastest delivery in 2 days with $18 express DHL

The juices are a lot less strong than LWV so I have to up the nic for these.

--- Long white vapour NZ

Monkey Bar
Really awesome Vanilla and caramel, with a hint of
milk chocolate and banana.

Premium tobacco blend
Nice balanced with a hint of caramel

Really good service too and pretty fast express delivery

--- Vapewild US

Have tried all sorts of flavours and haven't gelled with the straight fruit flavours yet unless they have some kind of milk, caramel, etc flavour.

Have bought some decent flavours from The Steamery without nic mostly to tone down the strength of my others.

Can't buy and blend straight nic from overseas due to young kids and old people in the house.

Ordered some flavours from Vapewild but something about them didn't work for me.

For now it's all commercial juices unfortunately but that's all good.

My go to device is the Baby Beast with a Flow Tank from Wimofo.

Wanting to buy a $200 RRP device soon to be blown away by the next level up so if anyone wants to move anything, let me know.

Vape on baby!

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