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Thread: Just converted, a bit annoyed

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    Quote Originally Posted by Convert View Post
    Great post Ozman and congrats on quitting.

    I am out in the backwoods and have only ever come across one other vaper in my local area. If not for the help and advice from this forum , my vaping journey would have ended when greensmoke cartridges could no longer be bought from the US a year after quitting 27 years of smokingand I would have been back on the ciggies. Thankfully I found this forum and learnt enough with the advice of others to find myself with a basic setup that works for me and gathered enough spares etc to keep me going . I provided some info for my brother when he asked but as far as I know he is still happily smoking. If someone asks me how it works I will explain, and if they want to learn more I generally point them here, but it is a rare occurence down this way
    I have been on unflavoured for the past 2.5 years since I had to go into hospital and cant see myself going back to flavours.
    Wd convert it's not about what works for others but what works for you. What work's for me will not work for you but may work for joe bloggs.

    Congrats on so long off the darts u have well and truly outdone me at a meager 15 months.
    Kepp the good work up champ. And vape on.

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    Well done & on the post as well Ozman.
    There are a lot of people on the same page as you, as I am. To my way of thinking it's a lot about the mindset of giving up the cigs and finding whether vaping is the slot for you. It's damn hard to not be evangelical when you have the experience under your belt if it has worked for you. As for the politics and other agenda, that clarifies the position of those with the clout in our welfare as a community & calls them out somewhat. Welcome.
    I asked my Mum one day "Where do babies come from?" She said "A dog bite son." I found out later, I had a Cynophobic childhood. She thought I'd said Rabies.

    Killed the nails before they killed me. 10/02/15 Thanks immensely to AVFers!


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