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    510 Starter Kits Now In Stock - Black, White & Stainless


    510 Starter Kits now back in stock at Bozecig. 3 colours available




    Get your friends started today

    Vape Hard


    P.S Ego-T stock also on its way to Bozecig - Stay Tuned
    Bozecig Electronic Cigarettes

    Use code "aussievapers" for 5% off your order

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    $33AUD is good value for these starters. A lot of people start with these and they are, for the most part, a very good choice for someone who is not yet sure whether they will be satisfied by vaping because they are at the cheap end of the market. Usually "You get what you pay for" holds true in any market but the Joye 510 is a solid, quality piece of kit to have. Sure, there are starter kits available with batteries that last longer but they are not slim nor approximate shape of a cigarette. While I would recommend an eGo to someone who is already familiar with vaping, you just can't go past the Joye 510 for the newbie value.
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