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Thread: The "What are you eating / Did you cook" thread!

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    deep fried parrot ( the fish ) crumbed with panko, asian salad greens , with steamed whole pearl perch , which is marinated in soba noodle sauce , sesame oil , sake and ginger then has smoking hot peanut oil drizzled over it to crisp up the skin , oh and a side of steamed blue swimmer crab all accompanied with japanese kewpie mayo mixed with seeded mustard and lime juice , caught the fish and crab, last night, and for dessert , choco fudge brownie/peanut/vanilla custard vapour , and a single malt .
    Sweet as ......all in all not a bad way to finish up the weekend

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    For those that like a simple seafood dish, steam open some green lip mussels , ( just in a pot with half a cup at the most of water and tossed over high heat ) split the shell in half , separate the meat from the shell ( makes in easier to scoop out later ) place the meat back in a half shell with a drizzle of the liquid that comes out of the mussels as they opened ,then top with a mix of about five parts japanese kewpie mayo to seeded mustard ( adjust to taste ) a splash of lime juice, and then place under a hot grill until the mayo starts to caramelize, finish of with a bit of grated lime zest and salt flakes. Boom !!! looks the bomb, tastes even better and is easy as !!! , for us outdoor bbq freaks open the mussels up on a bbq grill , repeat the shelling process and get ya master chef boogie on with a blow torch to brown off the mayo , great way to get ya mother in law onside ( unless shes allergic to shellfish in which case , grab all available beer and leave with haste ! )
    dis kewpie mix tho is seriously good with fresh hot hickory smoked trout / salmon as well in fact to my jaded taste buds compliments most seafoods , oh and is Delicious if blended with slow roasted garlic as in ,like ,an aioli with an asian twist .
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    I was going to post photos however I got drunk and demolished the sandwhich. Which to be honest because I left it in the jaffle iron for too long was not so much a sandwhich as it was a pile of cheese on my benchtop and some empty toasted bread.

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    My fave new thing is making a pasta sauce out of a block of philly.
    So: brown some chunky diced chicken in garlic and little splash of oil, chop up philly and stir in til it melts. Bit of chicken stock if too thick. Been loving oregano with it.
    In another pot, whole packet of pasta and some froz veg to feel virtuous, cook, drain, add to sauce pot.

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    Green tea udon noodles with baked salmon. 2 cup chicken stock, splash of soy and some grated ginger, bring to simmer. Add chopped mushroom and sliced beans and whatever and simmer for 5 minutes, add 4 - 5 green tea teabags and let steep for 5 minutes and remove. Add udon and simmer for 5 minutes again. While simmering, mix a dash of soy and ketsup maris with a bit of ginger and garlic and coat salmon, bake salmon till cooked (flakey). strain vegies and noodles into bowls lay salmon on top and add several large spoons of the stock.
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    lamb biryani.

    all gone.
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    Hubby is the cook in our family. Tonight was roast leg of pork with roasted sweet potato, beans and assorted other greens.
    Light sweet mustard sauce. Desert will be mini vanilla cheesecake.

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    Apricot Chicken (inspired by a well known TV series to dust off an old recipe)
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    home made hamburgers... Lean mince. bacon, eggs, onions and salad. Just like the "Old School bought at the Fish a Chips shop" version.

    My kids love them. We never have left overs in my house.

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    My hearts not in it as I couldn't be bothered eating anything in particular, but the other half eats a lot and I need food for the toddler tomorrow.
    But doing this with roasted sweet potato and roasted beetroot/garlic.

    Basic roast beef recipe with sauce
    Pulled from my arse from various recipes.
    For meat roast:
    1kg roasting beef (topside etc)
    1T balsamic vinegar
    1t sugar
    2T dijon mustard or horseradish paste
    For sauce:
    1T olive oil to saute onions
    1T butter
    1T flour
    1t thyme
    2 shallots or 1 small brown onion finely diced
    1 clove garlic
    1 cup red wine (or 2T red wine vinegar and 1cup water which I'm using tonight as no red wine here)
    2 cups beef stock
    t Salt, t pepper
    optional extra mustard (use if horseradish is on the meat instead of mustard), or capers.
    For sides:
    Roasted sweet potato, roasted balsamic and thyme beetroot, or roasted garlic and thyme pumpkin. Plus greens, or potato mash or carrots.

    1.Mix the mustard, sugar and balsamic in the bowl. Lightly salt the beef, and then rub the vinegar/mustard all over the beef except the fatty sides, marinate for an hour or more.
    2. Render any fatty beef sides in a pan and transfer to the oven for about 45min-1hr @ 160C along with any roasting vegetables.
    3. For the sauce, in a fry pan saute onions for 10 min then garlic for 2min
    4. In a saucepan, melt 1T butter, mix 1T flour whisk until smooth.
    5. Mix in in stock, add onions and garlic, the wine or vinegar/water substitute, ground pepper, salt and thyme and bring to the boil.
    6. Allow to simmer until reduced by half, adding any pan juices from the roasting beef.
    7. Remove beef and rest just before the sauce is finished.
    8. Add optional extra mustard or capers to sauce before serving
    9. Serve sliced beef with roast veg, side greens or mash, and sauce

    Critiques welcome as there's a few chefs/good cooks here, and as the recipe states, pulled from my arse and not bothering too much
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