I hope this is ok to post hear if not I can remove.
We have just had a close friend of the family mother pass away. As a result she now has to sell her home.
As well as trying to deal with that, she has to deal with the realization that she has to down size her things significantly. (There were a bit of hoarders).
The shear amount of stuff is a little overwhelming. I and my wife are trying to do all that we can to help her through this difficult time.
Because she is not in an emotional state to be able to handle the sheer volume of stuff that has to be moved we are listing it on eBay for her. We make no profit from the sale of any of the item sold. It all goes to her. To help her be able to afford somewhere to live.
In this post Iíve included links to the two ebay site were running for her, they are in my wife account and anther my wife made in my name to list the items.
We are just trying to do all that we can to help her. And one thing we can do is offer our time for a frind in need it doesnít cost anything.
Over the next coming mouths there will be such and array of items coming up keep an eye on it. There will be many collectables coming up from star track star wars, supper heroes to manga. (These items yet to be list have gotten to those boxes yet.
At the moment were looking for someone that interested in records and cd. We have about 5 boxes of each. Hoping to find a bulk buyer so we donít have to list them all. And still have about 2 to 3 boxes of comics left if there any collectorís out there.
Please feel free to shear these links ever sale will help her out

stevefuller78 | eBay

ogreinlaw | eBay