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Thread: Does anyone else find this disgusting?

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    Does anyone else find this disgusting?

    I'm not a fan of the things Trump said during the campaign. But, jeez, people really should get over it and just accept how things are.

    To call for a Boycott on anything even remotely related to Trump is just truly shit.

    One of the entertainers is a 16 year old opera singer. Chapman is calling for people to Boycott her music.

    I find that despicable. It's this kind of attitude that lost the Left the election.

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    I dont like anything Chimpy says - but I do admire him as an advocate- someone you would prefer to have on your side rather than against - he is often spot on in some of his tactics and boycott is a known very effective tool....In part why Australian govt has slowly but surely been eroding the right to boycott

    Its not personal its politics - The 16yo became political as soon as she/ he either became a supporter or played for him specifically

    US politics are very complicated atm - there is talk on the wind about states leaving the united states, as well as possibilities for civil war, economic collapse and other nasties - How much truth there is to all of this - I really dont know

    I think the statement "just accept the way things are" is a pretty dangerous statement - much worse than a boycott
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    yeah old chapman is batshit crazy as much the next fella, but you gotta respect the mans ability.
    His grasp on politics and tactics make him a worthy and very dangerous adversary.

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    Shouldn't worry any of the artists anyway, Spotify pays the artist f^*k all. It's one of the worst things that has happened to music. I hate Trump and Chapman in varying equal ways, but surely it's up to the individual whether they do this or not?

    And I reckon Ted Nugent will be on that list so enough said......

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    This bloke continues to exceed my expectations of his dipshittery.

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