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Thread: What nz news bombards people with

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    What nz news bombards people with

    Rob Stock: Smokes v vapes v fresh air |
    I read at least one of these a day

    beeping idiots
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    Quote Originally Posted by Boots View Post
    Rob Stock: Smokes v vapes v fresh air |
    I read at least one of these a day
    Oh, we have far worst stuff than that. Anything that quotes Simon Chapman for a start...

    As far as giving up vaping and nicotine altogether... There is research that has been done that shows that nicotine can be beneficial in slowing down various nervous system disorders, and drastically improving the outlook of sufferers. I'm talking dementia, Alzheimer's, MS, Parkinson's...

    The question is not should I stop vaping, but why would I want to?

    Study finds nicotine safe, helps in Alzheimer's, Parkinson's | Tampa Bay Times
    Nicotine 'could help Alzheimer's sufferers boost their concentration' - Telegraph
    Nicotine, the Wonder Drug? |
    Nicotine could 'help Alzheimer's' | Daily Mail Online
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