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Thread: Totally Frustrated with Au Post

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    Totally Frustrated with Au Post

    Back towards the end of April I returned products to Fastech, as they were incorrectly sent. I followed their instructions to the letter. I sent it by AU International Air Mail and fortunately insured it as well.
    Yes a tracking number was provided. To this day, Fastech have not got it. However they did send me a postage refund after about 6 emails haggling the price of postage. They asked me to try to trace it with Au Post. Ok this is the reply from Au Post.

    Thu, 4:03 PM
    Thank you, all Is well. Another inquiery in late March early April I sent goods by International Air Mail with tracking number xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx from AU to China. This was returned items for credit. To date, the receiver claims non receipt of goods. I did pay for insurance. Value of goods $25AUD. How can we determine what happened to this parcel.
    Yesterday, 5:20 PM

    Hi xxx,

    I have looked at the scans on that parcel and from the service type, you would not get any delivery confirmation or scans to advise it has arrived. With this said, we would need to wait until 3rd of July before we can consider compensation for this item. As we need to allow a full 90 days to pass before we can investigate; this gives the parcel time to be sent back to you.

    Yesterday, 10:17 PM
    Thank you Janine is there any way of telling if the receiver got it?
    Also when does the 90 days expire
    7:57 AM
    Sorry saw 3rd of July
    7:58 AM

    Unfortunately not xxxx as we may not receive any further scans. It might be best to stay in touch with the addressee and keep checking in the mean time. We should be able to look into compensation for you from July 3rd

    Buck passing again, I was in contact with the addressee you twits yesterday, they have not got it. Thats it, I have had enough with FT and their cheap returns. If I had sent it by DHL I would have had tracking etc. But they would not pay for that form of return. 90 days before I can lodge an insurance claim and then Au post no doubt will f....k around with that God only knows how long.

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    Did you really think you would be able to track an item heading to China? when Aust post cant even track an item within the same state most of the time!

    The problem is they use their own tracking system that is not compatible with other countries so even if they get scanned it wont show up
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    Quote Originally Posted by flyingfox12 View Post
    Back towards the end of April I returned products to Fastech,
    Yes, procedures are what they are. 90 days seems a bit excessive, but regular mail can sometimes take a long time if it does get turned around. They have to cover themselves for worst case scenario - poorly packaged and addressed stuff that takes an eon to sort out.

    Unfortunately that means you get messed around if things do go wrong. Eventually you do get your money, or your refund etc.

    I've actually had something go missing in transit. When I eventually got the refund months later I had moved on, and was glad to get the refund to buy something different anyway. Silver linings LOL.
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