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Thread: Rick And Morty Thread

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    Starting to think that purple might be a Rick and Morty fan?

    I have no idea what gives me that impression
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    Quote Originally Posted by rebelagainstthemachine View Post
    Starting to think that purple might be a Rick and Morty fan?

    I have no idea what gives me that impression
    You could be right

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    I want to caveat this opinion by saying that a) I am quite a large Rick and Morty fan and b) I have enjoyed the new season immensely.

    However, I have to state that I feel Season 3 has not really achieved anything not already done in Season 2 and is going through the motions to a degree. Perhaps Season 2 was such a leap forward from Season 1 and my expectations are too high.

    Pickle Rick just seemed like such a copout, 'we couldn't come up with anything better' idea for an episode. Yes, the end of the episode had some pretty epic banter, but I feel like it's the least-well-setup absurdist gag in the show's history.

    I know that's not a popular opinion, but that's my two cents on the matter.
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