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    Political Conspiracies Thread [Non-Vaping Related]

    I'd like to start this topic, because it's a real eye opener for understand the world around us.

    A lot of us were introduced to this topic in a more personal way when we entered vaping, and began suspecting that some companies in the Tobacco Industry and the Pharmaceutical indsutry were working/paying politicians to stall the progression of the availability of e-cigarettes to smokers, which in every single case turned out to be true.

    I think a lot of us forget that what goes on in e-cig politics happens in all industries.

    For example, the NBN. Kevin Rudd shined some light on why certain decisions were made, referring to the Murdoch press influencing the destruction of the NBN so as to disadvantage it's upcoming competitors such as Netflix and other online content providers.

    So, in effort to better understand the world, please post interesting political conspiracies where industries who supposedly claim to be pro-capitalism, instead dismiss the principle of building quality products for cheaper prices, and adopt the easier route of using the State to shut down it's competitors.
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