VZONETECH is pleased to announce that the Cultura 100W Mod is now available in Canada for wholesale via our local e-cigarette and vaporizer distributor Vape Mall.
Vape Mall is a wholesale and distribution partner to dozens of vape shops, head shops and legal medical cannabis providers.

About Vape Mall Wholesale Canada:
Vape Mall is a Canadian wholesale supplier and bulk distributor of a wide selection of e-cigarette kits, vape devices, e-juices and herbal vaporizers for medical cannabis. It is a trusted supplier of some of Canada's leading vape store brands, as well as hundreds of independent boutique vape shops and convenience stores.

Vape Mall was conceived by closely examining the relationship between vape retailers and their wholesalers; we acknowledge the importance of listening, bringing innovation, and creating original packages tailored specifically to the vape industry.

Vape Mall is focused on providing the widest selection possible of both e-liquid and hardware. The Vape Mall team understands the need for detailed curation in selecting products for our catalogue.

Lean More by visiting the Vape Mall Wholesale website: https://www.vapemall.ca/