For quite a while now when shopping at various places in the US I've been having trouble making purchases with
my credit card. It happened again to me the other night.

Its due to this Address Verification System that they use. Its very frustrating because the funds are taken out of
your account and it can take a week for them to return.

My bank doesn't seem to know very much about it which is also annoying.

It would be nice to know exactly where my card is failing because there are a number of different scenarios.
See the codes here -

I have a feeling it might be failing on code G or I because I have been told a number of times by my bank that
"there is no way for a business to check my address when I use my card". Perhaps we don't support the AVS
here or my bank doesn't.

I know there are a few members here that have experienced the same thing and I was wondering if anyone has
any more knowledge on the subject?