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Thread: Co-Op Code of Practice effective 14-2-2014 Please read BEFORE starting a New Co-op !

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    Co-Op Code of Practice effective 14-2-2014 Please read BEFORE starting a New Co-op !

    It would seem the original way of doing co-ops and listing prices for transparency etc is not being adhered to or even bothered with anymore.

    As a result co-ops are being run with those involved not being completely open and transparent.

    The Moderation Team as a whole are guilty of not giving this the attention it requires, the only mitigating factor is the increase in moderator issues which has been occurring lately.

    This is not a censure of the co-ops that have occurred in the last few months, however as they appear to becoming more prolific, a formalised framework is evidently required.

    Our own Lovely Ingrid (giruvian) has agreed to take on the role of Co-op coordinator.

    From the 14th February, 2014 ALL co-ops will have to go through her for evidential proof of all expenses BEFORE monetary figures other than guesstimates are bandied about.

    The Mods are putting into place a system where this WILL happen from now on in. All co-ops will need to comply with the following requirements.

    You may post an EOI for a co-op which includes a guesstimate of the costs.

    Once enough interest has been registered, the co-op organiser will need to contact giruvian and provide proof of the costings BEFORE monetary figures other than initial guesstimates are bandied about.

    Feel free to start any Co-op as an expression of interest with a non-committal price point of what you estimate the co-op will roughly be, but there is to be NO exchanging of details or payments until the price points and all factors such as PayPal, Currency conversion, shipping, and agreed price point with the supplier are demonstrated and approved by her (giruvian)

    This is NOT negotiable
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    Ok ladies and gents.... this is hopefully going to be very simple

    Before going ahead on an actual co-op, send the following to

    (a) Your correspondence from the supplier

    (b) Your calculations including:

    a per item cost from the supplier

    cost of shipping from the supplier

    pp fees (remember there will be two lots - pp to the supplier, and pp for each participant to the organiser. YES even though it's a co-op, you need to pay via goods and services NOT using the gift option)

    local postage

    postage stationery cost (bubble wrap etc)

    It's being left up to the co-op organiser and the participants if they want to factor in a couple of spares for DOA items. If the co-op decides to get some extras that end up not being required, then it's up to the participants how they wish to proceed. Some suggestions may be to let the organiser keep the items, maybe have some fun giveaway comps on the forum with the items, or to sell the items and each participant receive a share of the proceeds. This decision is completely up to the co-op organiser and participants, and needs to be decided up front.

    Basically, the only role I am assuming here is to just check out the numbers - period. After the co-op has been approved, then it's all in the hands of the co-op organiser and all queries/dramas/whatever are to be directed to the organiser.

    If you are organising a co-op, or just looking for EOI, feel free to get the supplier to CC the above gmail account in your correspondence from the get go.

    Let's see how this goes, and possibly may come up with further ideas for streamlining down the track.

    thanks everyone

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