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    EOI - TFA Concentrates

    I'd really like to try some of the TFA flavors and I really would like to avoid paying $5 for 10ml. ($100 for 20 x 5ml + $10 delivery, eww)

    After doing the math shopping directly from TFA for flavors, if I purchase 10 x 1 oz bottles, it cost's me about $60 + $27 shipping for a total of $87 for 10oz of concentrate

    I'd like to get 20 x 4 oz bottles for $223.50 split 4 ways for $55.85 + $12.25 delivery + $2 for dropper bottles

    so each of us gets 20 x 1 oz bottles for $70, original prices: price from TFA $140~ and price in Aus $235


    The flavors would have to be agreed upon before hand by all parties, I myself would very very much like to get Apple Candy, Bubblegum, Black Honey, Mango, Peach, Strawberry (Ripe), Waffle (Belgian) and Blueberry Candy.

    each person would need to put a $30 deposit down so i'm not stuck with 60 oz's of concentrate. I'm willing to send a slightly redacted copy of my photo ID to match paypal (Last name and address only, not risking my main paypal being perma banned due to "sale" of anything e vaporizer, unlikely, but better safe then sorry) to any admin/moderator that requests it.

    If anyone else has a better place to order these from that will do better prices please speak up, but i'm only looking at TFA brand for now as they're pretty well spoken for in quality, after spending $60 at Vapeking and liking 2 of my 14 flavors i'd rather not go for the low end crap anymore.

    I've decided to change it from EOI. I'd really like to get them, If I can get atleast 2 people willing to put down a $30 deposit, i'll do it. I'm willing to just sell the other 20 oz on here @ $70.
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