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Thread: Jwraps Co-Op [Approved]

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    Jwraps Co-Op [Approved]

    Hey all,

    This co-op has now been approved.

    To make it as easy as possible, we will keep this thread strictly to orders only. Any questions or general chit chat can be done here:

    [EOI] jwraps

    All orders must be submitted by Tuesday 5th August 5pm. I will then calculate everyone's total and provide in a list in the post below by Wednesday 6th August 5pm. If you agree to the total cost, payment will need to be made within 24hours so i can get a move on with the order. Any late payments will cause a delay and may result in the person's order being cancelled.

    Orders are to be placed using the following method:

    Product Code - Device - Colour - Qty

    List each product on a new line. At the bottom please list your preferred postage method from the 2 options listed.
    Once i have recorded your order i will like your post to confirm. If i havent liked it after 6 hours pm me or comment in the [EOI] Jwraps thread.

    Prices are in US$. Would convert to AUD but it could change each day. Prices are for the wrap only and do not include postage costs.

    Visit and have a browse
    (No custom wraps for this co-op)


    All Regular vinyl wraps, Special designs and Holograms - $6.95

    Carbon Fibre and Ostrich wraps - $10.75

    Standard Ego wraps - $2.75

    Carbon Fibre and Ostrich Ego wraps - $6.95

    Tank wraps - $2.00

    Phone wraps - $5.20


    Go directly to their site, and use 10off for an AVF member special.


    From Jwraps to me:
    US$3-6 for up to 100wraps. This will then be divided by the total number of wraps ordered to calculate the cost per wrap (eg 50 wraps at US$6 = US$0.12 per wrap)

    From me to you (up to 10 wraps):
    Registered envelope: AU$4.30
    Express envelope: AU$6.00

    PLEASE NOTE: At this time prices are an estimate and could change, but not by much.

    To calculate your cost:
    Add up the cost for the wraps you want, include $0.12 per wrap, convert to AUD. Then add the postage you want from me to you. Add $0.30 + 2.4% for paypal fees. This will give you your estimate. I still need to confirm paypal's currency conversion fees.

    Devices Currently Serviced:
    3.7 Box Mod, 4 Nine, 69, Astro, Avenger V3, Bagua Ti 22, Billet Box, Bolt, Boss, Buzz Pro, Caravela, Caravella Clone, Cartel Mod, Castle Mod, Chi You, Chris Creations Mod, Congestus, Cool Fire 1, Copper Vanilla, Copperhead, Corolla, Cronus, CVI, Cyborg, Cyborg Telescopic, Darwin, DB Modz (mini)DNA 30, Diablo, Draw Tube, e-Huge, EA Mod, eCab, Ego (Please specify which battery size in notes), Ego C Twist (Please specify which battery size in notes), Ego Regular LCD, Ego-C Passthrough (Please specify which battery size in notes), Ego-T, Ego-V, Ego-V v2, ELA Mod, Elevator Mod, eVic, Evic Supreme, eVic-Mini, Evod, Fazed FZ-20D, Fogatti, GG, GG Clone KTS, GGTB, GI2, GLV, Groove, Guss-Tele, Hades, Hammer, Hana Mod Mini V1, Hana Mod Mini V2, Hana Mod Mini V3 (two pieces), Hana Mod V1, Hana Mod V2, Hana Mod V3 (two pieces), Hana V3 Clone (Cloudpor/Cana/Chana), Heimdall Mod, Helix, Hulk Mod, iHybrid, Ihybrid Pure, Ikarus hybrid, IPro, itaste 134, Itaste MVP, itaste MVP2, Itaste VTR, Itazte SVD, Itazte VV, JM22, Just GG, K100, Kamry K200, KGO, KGO-VV, King Mod, King Satin Mod, Kmax, KTS Flat Top, L Rider Robust, Lava Tube, Lava Tube-Mini, Lavatube V2, M16 Clone, M28, Magnet Bolt, Magneto, Mamu, MicroStick, Mister, MKB, N-Zonic, N-Zonic Clone, Natural, Nemesis, Nemesis Nemi 14500, Nes Controller Mod, Opus, Orion, Paps X, Paps-Lux, Paps-Regular, Poldiac, Precise Simplicity, Provari mini, Provari regular, Razr, Reo Grand, Reo VV, Roller, Roller Clone (Sig 20), Saber Touch, Semovar, Seven 22, Shockwave, SiD, Sidewinder, Sigelei 19, Sigelei 8, Sigelei Legend, Sigelie 20W, Silver Bullet, Silver Bullet M, Sir Lancelot, Smok 500, Smok Ace (18650), Smok Pipe, Smok Telescopic, Smok Vmax, Smok Zmax Telescopic, Smok Zmax V2, Spider Mod DNA 30, Spinner(Specify Model in Notes), Stingray (26650), Stingray (Black), Stingray (Brass), Sub Zero, Tesla, The Beast (mechanical tube), The Copper 26650 by Scottua, Tmax, Tree of Life (18650 tube), Turtleship V1 and V2, Twins Extension, Vamo V1,V2,V4, Vamo V3, Vamo V3 (two 18350 tubes), Vamo V5, Vapor Shark DNA 20, Vapor Shark DNA 30, Viggo, Vision Spinner 900, ViVi Box Mod, VMod Mini, VMod XL, Winder, Wizard Evolve 18500, Wizard Evolve 18650, Zen Mini, Zen Regular, Zmax, Zmax Mini, Zmax Sigelei Mini, Zmax Sigelei Telescopic V5, Zmax Sigelei V1, Zmax Sigelei V2, Zmax Telescopic, Zmax Telescopic (flat top), ZNA30 (490&650), Zodiac
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    Jwraps Co-Op [Approved]

    Ok here is the final cost delivered to your door.
    For those that didnt specify postage choice i have put down registered. If you want express let me know and i can adjust.
    Couldn't figure out Paypal currency conversion fees so if any ill wear it. Its too late in the night to pull my hair out over it.

    Review your price, if you are happy then reply in this thread and i will send through paypal deets and get the order started.

    If you have any queries in regards to your final price reply in this thread.

    Crisscross $37.65
    Laurie9300 $44.27
    Giruvian $28.16
    Nasha $61.23
    Noah1 $28.18
    Minnaz $86.59
    Virtualphoenix $20.45
    Leesin $22.19
    Andyj $20.45
    Leec $28.15
    Shapeshifter $24.35
    Roguex2x $60.50
    JWH $57.88
    Essiemessy $43.64
    Qwertylesh $40.68

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    Final answer lock it in

    S203 - Provari mini - blue paisley (1)
    S306 - Provari mini - paisley #4 (1)
    S267 - Provari mini - patina #13 (1)

    S271 - MVP v1 - Steampunk #2 - clear (1)

    Express post
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    S276 - HanaV3Clone (Cloupor) - Tardis - 1

    S72 - HanaV3Clone (Cloupor) - Woodgrain1 - 1

    CARBON2 - GI2 - Black - 1

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    S7 - Hana Mod Mini V3 - Zebra Print - 1
    COLOR2 - Provari Regular - blue/purple (clear)- 1
    COLOR10 - Hana Mod Mini V3 - black (clear)- 1
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    S239 - Hana Mini v3 - "V" - 1
    S171 - Hana Mini v3 - BioHazard - 1
    BLK-BRUSHED-ALU - Hana V3 Clone (Cloupor) - Black Brushed Aluminium - 1
    S250 - Hana V3 Clone (Cloupor) - Radioactive Cracks - 1
    S251 - Hana V3 Clone (Cloupor) - Metalic - 1

    Express Post
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    Carbon2 mini provari - white *1

    Carbon2 mini provari -purple *1

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    S38- Itaste VV- Pink Zebra. X1
    color-changing-snake- ItasteVV-Holographic. X1
    S168- iPV2- Vapachino. X1
    S247- iPV2- Sub ohm. X1
    S174- MVP2- The Gamble. X1
    S220- VTR- Tribal Streak. X1
    S180- Gi2- Vapocalypse. X1
    S252- Gi2- Sub ohm2. X1
    Clear-Wrap- Reo grand- Clear. X1
    S20- VmodXL- Green Flame Skull. X1

    Cheers Bud
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    S218 Hana V3 Clone (fasttech) x1
    S276 IPV2 x1

    registered or express, im easy
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    s160 Hana mini v3
    s249 Vaporshark RDNA 30
    Cheers bud
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