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    EOI Co-Op - Silicone Case for istick 20W and 30W for Sydney Vapers

    Bare with me guys, I've never done this before.

    I contacted ismoka.

    US60c each, with a minimum order quantity of 100.

    Local Shipping is 20x more than that (8.55 courier auspost), so unless you're happy with paying the interstate shipping, this will be a local pickup only.

    Maybe I can order them in, and send off bundles to different cities in Australia where groups of vapers can do local pickups, so as to maximise the distribution with minimal shipping costs.

    Posting this EOI to see if 100 can actually be distributed in Sydney.

    HeavenGifts sell them for $1.20each, and there are arsholes selling them on ebay for $8.

    Heavengifts advertise them as fitting both the 20W and 30W: Silicone Case for iStick 20W / 30W Battery

    Let us know if you have any other ideas.



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    Scrap this thread.

    HeavenGifts just got them in stock.

    The wait to buy game is over.

    Now the wait to arrive game begins.

    sigh. Chinese festive season, this is gonna be a while.

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    Just be glad you're not one of the 700 million Chinese trying to get home for the holiday. lol
    They must be mad.
    World's largest movement of humanity begins as 700 million Chinese head home for New Year - Telegraph



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