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    Sweetness Factor - Ethyl Maltol Vs Sucralose

    I've become very familiar with Ethyl Maltol as a sweetner. I believe there are a few people here familiar with what 1% Ethyl Maltol can do to an ejuice mix (I usually make mine adding 1mL of 10% Ethyl Maltol to a 10mL total mix)

    I was wondering if someone knows what the sweetness equivalence is in relation to sucralose. What percentage of sucralose sweetner is equivalent the sweetness of 1% Ethyl Maltol?

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    I'd like to know, too. I've just ordered some of that, plus some raspberry ketone to see how they go as sweeteners.
    Can't wait to try them out
    Sixth Vape Year and Four Years Sans Durry.

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