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Thread: Shelf life

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    Shelf life

    Hi everyone, I was wondering how people store there pg and vg, I know nic is best stored in the freezer but what about pg/vg, also what's the shelf life of pg and vg and how can you tell if it's time to throw it out, sorry for all the questions lol

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    I only use PG and keep that in the freezer as well as the nic. I keep it in an opaque bottle.

    Have heard PG has a shelf life of around 2 yrs, and VG has around 1 yr.

    It doesn't freeze, and I imagine you would know its time to turf it if it smells, discolours or changes consistency at all. That's what I would do anyway, it's cheap enough to not much around with.

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    Nic in the freezer can last up to 10 years if stored right i believe, i store bulk in the freezer in opaque bottles. I tend to keep my PG/VG levels down to levels that I will use within 18 months, and haven't had any go bad, and have stored it in the fridge, but now just store it in a cool dark cupboard. Its easy to get and will never be banned so no need to bulk buy too much.

    The stuff in juice that is more prone to going off is the flavour, and it varies from flavour to flavour i believe. I have had a few almost 2 years old premix bottles go off, they tasted like burnt rubber/rotten meat very bad, almost made me throw up. So if you mix your own juices just do it when you need it. I have also had premix juices that are 2 years old and be fine. In general though once i get flavours or premix juices go past 18 months old I throw it out. The off juice experience was so bad I just dont want to take the risk again lol, although many would still probably have been fine.
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    Main thing is to really keep it out of direct sunlight .. it can be stored normally for around two years (all my bottles have an expiry date printed on the cap) as long as it's kept away from light and heat, however leaving a bottle of fresh juice in the car on a hot sunny day is a sure way to speed steep it.... lol
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    None of my liquids have ever been stored in a fridge or freezer.
    Mrs Flea wouldn't be happy If used the kitchen freezer to store six X 500ml bottles. (2X 100mg nic, 2 X PG, 2 X VG.)

    We turned the stand alone freezer off a couple of years ago as the elect. prices kept going up.

    As soon as my bottles arrive, I wrap then in a few sheets of newspaper, to keep the light out,
    Sticky tape a note with the Vendor, contents and date, then place them in a deep drawer, out of the light.

    Never had a problem over three years.

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    Nic I store in the freezer, VG I store in the fridge & PG I store in a cool dark cupboard.

    PG is highly unlikely to go off or degrade, while VG is a little more prone to do so.
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