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Thread: My first "proper" DIY

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    My first "proper" DIY

    I just received my RTSVapes order and along with my Nic, I got 10 flavour apprentice flavours.
    I also have all the mixing gear, PG and VG and an eager atty to test everything with.
    Now obviously I don't want to go mixing 10ml at a time so how the hell am I supposed to test each flavour?
    I vape 50/50 PG/VG so do I mix up .8ml of base and then add drops of flavour, test on the atty, rinse and repeat?

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    I just done something similar. Got some nic, 10 flavors, 10 clearo's, a new E-Smart and DIY mixing gear... now just gota muster the courage to mix!
    All from health cabin. what strength/price were you charged for the nic?

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    I add 50 drops of base to a small bottle, then for every 1 drop of flavour its 2% flavouring, or add 100 drops of base and for every drop of flavouring that is 1%.
    when testing add a few drops of juice to ur atty and vape. when changing flavours, blow our the juice onto tissue and test next flavour. if the previous flavour is too strong and coming thru the next flavour, vape with some plain pg to clear that flavour.
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    I would mix up 5ml amounts.
    You want several bottles, 10ml or 30ml doesn't matter at this point, use a syringe to get exact measurements & mix 5ml into the bottles.

    First add the nic, in the strength you want, so if you have 100mg/ml unflavored & want 10mg/ml juice add 0.5ml nic.
    Then add the flavor, try at 10% concentration first, so add 0.5ml.
    Next adjust the PG/VG ratios, count the concentrate as PG in the ratio & the nic counts as whatever base you bought it in.
    Next test vape the 10% flavor & see if it is too weak or too strong.
    If it tastes just right, then all is good mix a bigger batch, if not keep the 5ml you just made to one side.

    If the 10% is too weak mix up a 5ml @ 20% flavor strength & test vape.
    If this is too strong, mix with the 10% batch & this will give you approx 10ml @ 15% flavor, test vape to see if it needs adjusting.
    If it is just right, mix up a 5ml @ 30% flavor, add the other 2 x 5ml's to this & you will have 15ml @ 20% flavor.
    If it is too weak, mix up a 30% flavor strength & test vape and so on.

    If the 10% is too strong mix up a 5ml @ 5% flavor strength & test vape.
    If this is too weak, mix with the 10% batch & this will give you approx 10ml @ 7.5% flavor, test vape to see if it needs adjusting.
    If it is just right, mix up a 5ml @ 0% flavor, add the other 2 x 5ml's to this & you will have 15ml @ 5% flavor.
    If it is too strong, mix up a 2% flavor strength & test vape and so on.
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    Haven't tried this myself however I was recently given this tip which came from a concerntrate manufacturer via Vaping Cobra.

    Get a can of whipped cream, eject a small amount and add a drop of concentrate to it and eat it. What I guess this technique will do for you is if you are curious as to what it might vape like and don't want to go through all the hassle of mixing up micro amounts you can get a very good indicator of the flavour profile and make comparisons between brands etc, also if you have a concoction you are working on you can do a lot of quick easy mixes and taste test to the start point of putting it with PG/VG and nic for the final profiling.


    I now have pretty much everything I could want, next step is making my own mods and juices, watch this space er cadet....



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