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    hangsen turkish blend

    Ok I need some help. I bought for some turkish blend concentrate and it smells like rotten socks. Ive had this stuff before and I love it but this batch is terrible, even after steeping for a month. Even the concentrate stinks.
    All parameters and my procedures for mixing and steeping are the same for this and many others before but I just can't get this stuff to taste anything like it's supposed to be.
    Any advice?

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    I've seen large differences in retailers for dekang, hangsen in the past when I first started vaping, I then looked into it and I read somewhere that there are clones of there ejuice being sold to retailers. Is it the same place where you purchased it from before?
    If you have crap ejuice, use it for ant-killer, just pour a bit on a ants nest

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    When I liked the stuff I would buy from ecigmodshop au... theyre really really good there if they are out of stock shoot them an email and if they can they will

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    This is not the same place I have bought it before.
    I was thinking that the concentrate was off, it never occurred to me that it might be a clone.
    I certainly hope that is not true and that a new batch will fix everything because i bought a lot of it!
    I've had turkish from ecig mod shop before and it was great, I'll buy more when they have it in stock.
    This stuff came from another ozzie retailer and I, ah the frustration



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