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Thread: Diy recipes

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    I know this one sounds super strong but believe me it works perfectly for taste. If im vaping in public this is the one ppl say wow that smells great and it tastes fantastic as well.

    8% hiliq mixed berries
    4% hiliq raspberry
    4% hiliq blueberry
    .2% sweetener if u choose but its plenty sweet enough.
    These sound high % of concentrate but hiliq has , well no way to put it nicely weak concentrates.

    But this is a ripper of a easy recipe that will have your taste buds singing and have others around you going wow wtf is that, it smells fantastic. Not just one or two but 90% of ppl ask what is that fantastic smell.

    Its one of my advs that i love and have bought up big so i can make it for years.

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    The other recipe i have is a grape hubba bubba tasting flavor. Once again out in public i have had ppl comment wow what is that fantastic smell.

    4% hiliq grape
    2% flavor west grape soda
    2% TFA grape candy
    .2% sweetener if you want but is spot on without it.

    These are not my recipes but have been passed on from vapelikeking who is a diy guru. He lives just around the corner from me and i have seen his stach of 100's of concentrates. But these are the best two IMO

    Once again went large so i can make this for years.

    I have tried many grape flavors and this is as close to grape hubba bubba as you will get.

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    Thanks Danny, I'll give the grape a go. I've been looking for a Grape flavour that tastes like Hubba Bubba. TFA grape candy on it's own smells great, but does not translate well when you actually vape it.
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    I've just started work on a Black Cherry Doughnut flavour. I had FA Black Cherry and WF Black Cherry Jelly Bean sitting here not being used and wondered what to do with them.
    I 9nly mixed V1 up today, so I'll let it steep for a couple of weeks. Off the shave it is very Black Cherry dominant but I'm sure once the bakery and cream flavours steep it should balance out nicely. Then for some tweaking to get the final result.

    This uses Boogenshizzle's Super Fried Doughnut as a base minus the Strawberry. And I've used FW Yellow Cake instead of the CAP version 8n Boogs recipe.

    The recipe so far is:

    0.75% FA Black Cherry
    0.5% WF Black Cherry Jelly Bean
    0.5% FA Cream Fresh
    2% TPA Sweetener
    0.3% FA Vienna Cream
    2.7% FA wOw
    1.3% FW Yellow Cake
    2% FA Zeppola

    All the flavour notes are on ELR at this link:

    Any thoughts and constructive criticism welcomed.

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