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Thread: Concentrates, not milky or sweet

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    Concentrates, not milky or sweet

    Seems I have a problem with sucralose. Can't handle sweet juices. I imagine there are others like me.
    I'm the kind of person who likes short black made in a Moka pot without any added sugar.

    I've got a coffee concentrate that tastes more like starbucks coffee *vomit* than real coffee. Off fake milky flavour.

    Of single flavours (not tobacco);
    Which company does the best espresso that does not have a milky flavour?
    What are good not sweet or milky flavours?

    Black Cherry TFA
    Toasted Almond TFA

    Probably made sweet but don't have to be
    Cola ( as in Kola nut)
    Capella Apple Pie
    Capella Cinnamon Danish

    Bought 5 flavours and only 2 might be good after steeping. I imagine it's like letting a crappy wine open for a day to get rid of the overly acidic flavour.
    mmmm wine
    Henschke hill of grace
    A little different but very nice 2006 Cabernet Sauvignon No Preservative Added | Buy Online Organic and Bio-Dynamic Wines Australia
    laughing jack shiraz

    ____ I keep a list of suugestions_____Links to concentrates are not the only source. Purely for convenience___________

    FA Coffee Espresso - JuiceWhore
    LIQUA Coffee - Not concentrate.
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    FA Coffee Espresso - JuiceWhore

    Wizards Brew - Vapebar

    Witches Brew | e-Liquid Doubler | Coffee Vape

    As far as cofee went I lked all these.. But have a sweet vape tooth so had to sweeten... maybe you wont have to.... with the vapebar ones email them to see if they ad milky flavours

    look out also for earl grey tea.. and green tea
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    I know the taste you mean. I describe it as boiled off milk or cream. If you want a strong espresso coffee with no milk or sugar flavour try the Liqua Coffee. I got it from HC. I have to add some vanilla because it is not sweet enough for me. I can't say it's the best because I have only tried a few. Let us know when you find a good one.
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    donna u may be interested in these

    Assorted Juices



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