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Thread: Diy basic knowledge

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    Diy basic knowledge

    Some Definitions First:
    PG - Propylene Glycol (Throat Hit)

    VG - Vegetable Glycerin (Creates Vapor)

    Nicotine Liquid (Nicotine juice) - Comes in PG, VG, or a percentage of both PG and VG and in Different Strengths of Nicotine.

    These are the main Ingredients in E-Liquid. Add Flavor, Maybe Distilled Water and you have E-liquid (E-Juice). You can use PG, VG or a mixture of both and you can make it without the nicotine if you want (Less Throat Hit).

    The mg of nicotine is the amount of nicotine per ml. Don't Confuse % and mg, 100mg Nicotine Liquid equals 10% Nicotine. I recomend Purchasing no more than 100mg (10%) Nicotine Liquid anything Above That is Extremely Dangerous (Even 100mg Nicotine Liquid is Dangerous).
    (mg = milligram)
    (ml = milliliter)

    Approximate Nicotine Levels to make your Recipe Target Nicotine Level. (I am not an expert on this). These are the Approximate Nicotine Levels that I have found most Pre-Mixed E-Liquids to be at. I started at 24mg and Gradually Lowered the Nicotine Level.
    0mg to 6mg = Low
    7mg to 12mg = Medium
    13mg to 24mg = High
    25mg to 36mg = Extra High
    You Should Never Exceed 36mg (Dangerous, I Recommend 24mg or Less).

    Amount of Flavor to Use:
    With Most Flavors you will need Approximately 5% to 20% (EXCEPTION some Tobacco Flavors you only need 1% to 3%). When using more than one flavor this would be the total of all flavors combined.
    I Recommend Starting with a Lower Percentage of flavor and adding more to suit your taste (Some flavors take a couple of days to develop - Steep time). I Recommend Making Small Amounts in till you get a flavor you like. You should save your recipes so you can make more when you come up with a good flavor.
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    Thanks Jenny! Knowledgeable in DIY and Clouds bro! What would we do with out you!

    Could you please help me with a tutorial on how to make an alien fused leprechaun coil. Thanks
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    Just to add to the "Amount of Flavour to Use:"

    Check with the manufacturer of the flavour for percentage recommendations. When using 'super concentrates' like those from Juicefactory, you generally only need around 2.5%. Other concentrates are anywhere between 5% and 20%. 'Doublers' (sold by most Aussie juicemakers) should be 50% of your mix, and Triplers (Fairly rare, but they're around) should account for 33%.

    If you buy a zero nic juice that is sold as RTV or Ready to Vape, the best option is to get either a 100mg/ml (10%) or 200mg/ml (20%) nicotine base in PG or VG and add it to the juice, to get it to your desired nic. The higher the concentration of the nicotine base (without going over 20% nic), the less flavour you'll lose via dilution.

    When dealing with nic at these concentrations, you need to take precautions by making sure you are working on a clean, flat, stable bench of some sort, using protective gloves, mask and safety glasses if you can, and ensure that all of your nic, pg and vg are stored correctly. I personally recommend keeping some nic in the fridge for easy access, and the bulk of it in a glass container that is just big enough to fit the liquid in (less air = less nic breakdown/oxidisation) in the freezer. Also, get your base in 100% PG, it is much easier to work with and according to some, if not most, it keeps better than VG.
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