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    TPA/TFA Chai Tea anyone?

    I've been really wanting to make a good chai mix recently but all I have access to that's anything "spices" related is the TFA Chai Tea. I've seen HIC's Vanilla Chai latte mix and it sounds delicious, but I've only recently started DIY and my flavour stock is limited. What I really want to get at is a nice creamy chai latte-ish, leaning more towards authentic chai which would be more spice infused.

    TFA Chai Tea, what can one tastes like crap. I've tested it by itself at 5% and 10% mix and all I get is delicious old stanky towels and temple candles (what I've written down on my notes). You do get some sort of "spice" but overall I can't see what I can mix it with to get a good vape. Has anyone here used it at all? any good mixes?

    Initially, I tried mixing this with a few sweet concentrates and creams, but still, all I could taste was temple candles. My first mix, which thankfully does not taste like wet stanky towels but tastes nothing like chai:

    Chainilla V1
    TPA/TFA Chai - 2%
    FA Vienna Cream - 2%
    FW Cinnamon roll - 1% (just because, cinnamon \_(ツ)_/)
    FA Joy - 1% (needed something to add sweetness, all I had was this)
    TPA/TFA Smooth - 1%
    TFA Bav Cream 2%
    Total: 9%

    I ordered a few more flavours since then, and now I'm thinking more:
    Chainilla V2
    TFA Chai - 2.5%
    FA Vienna Cream - 1%
    FA Joy - 1%
    CAP Anise - 2%
    INW Honey - .5%
    Cap French Vanilla - 1%
    Cap Vanilla Custard - 2%

    Didn't think I needed the bav cream since I'll have vienna cream and the custard. Still on the fence about tfa smooth. In your experienced eyes, what would I need to change to make this better?

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    Have you searched e liquid recipes? I found this Chai Latte there. Might even give it a go myself, with the added milkstone as per the comments.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Danyel Geelong View Post
    Have you searched e liquid recipes? I found this Chai Latte there. Might even give it a go myself, with the added milkstone as per the comments.
    Hey yep, saw that one aswell, they use CAP Chai tea not sure how it would compare to TPA Chai tea since it has a very distinct taste. I'll try swapping the ingredients around and see how it goes, though I'm afraid with a 5% im sure it'll be very temple candle-ish.
    I might just have to get another chai or make the chai base myself

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    If your trying to get a good chai tea, and tfa isn't doing it for you. Id try some others for sure. Tfa makes some janky concentrates and chai might just be one of those. Search out one that matches the flavour as much as possible considering its your main profile in the juice then add ur supporting flavours. If you can't do that you have to get creative (expensive) and try build the flavour with concentrates you think might match the chai flavour you are looking for.
    Bavarian cream doesn't fit in imo as i get a heavy overpowering flavour from it most of the time in my lighter mixes.

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    The thing is about HICs receipe it really IS how you make chai tea - personally I love using the FA flavors as you use so little and they taste 'real' to me

    1% - 2% FA Black Tea
    1% FA Vienna Cream
    0.5% FA Vanilla Tahiti
    0.5% FA Cardamom
    0.5% FA Cinnamon
    0.5% FA Anise
    0.5% FA Clove
    0.15% FA Honey

    Next order I am going to give this a try !

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    I might try that too, but without the cinnamon. I figured out cinnamon flavouring doesn't get along with my lungs, so all my cinnamon liquids are useless to me now (including Vagabond's lovely Osem Tea).



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