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Thread: Any one else get a pepper taste from Vanilla Bean Ice cream

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    Question Any one else get a pepper taste from Vanilla Bean Ice cream

    I have Capella Vanilla Bean Ice cream and get a pepper taste
    Is it just Capella or have others experienced this with other brands
    I did a little research and it seems its the Vanilla Vanillin some taste pepper

    Big shout out to AVF and Everyone that helped me on my Journey to quit the the Death Sticks

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    I certainly did at the early stages of steeping. It went part and parcel with that chemical smell

    As one went so did the other.

    I guess I can still kind of taste a slight "sharpness" with any juice containing VBIC but it super subtle after proper steeping, approx. 2 weeks for best result for me. Completely normal for that concentrate apparently...

    Edit: I just went to the pantry and tasted vanilla sugar from my master foods stash. On it's own it's super peppery tasting.
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    can confirm,

    TFA icecream as well as Flavourwest Butterscotch ripple (buttersctoch icecream) both have a peppery taste.

    Here's the TFA ingredients;

    Propylene Glycol 57-55-6 diol >= 75% and <= 80% no taste
    Ethyl Vanillin 121-32-4 aldehyde < 5% sweet, creamy, vanilla, smooth and caramellic
    Vanillin 121-33-5 aldehyde < 5% vanilla, vanillin, sweet, creamy, spicy, phenolic and milky
    Butyrate <ethyl-> 105-54-4 ester >= 1% and < 10% fruity, sweet, tutti frutti, apple, fresh and lifting, ethereal
    Acetyl Propionyl 600-14-6 n/a < 3% toasted, buttery and caramellic with marshmallow and molasses nuances
    Isoamyl Isovalerate 659-70-1 ester >= 1% and < 10% green, fruity apple
    Ethyl Maltol 4940-11-8 alcohol < 3% sweet, burnt cotton sugar candy like, with jammy, strawberry notes
    Cyclotene 765-70-8 terpene < 1% sweet, maple, bready, caramellic with nutty nuances
    Dodecalactone <gamma-> 2305-05-7 lactone < 1% fatty slight fruity
    Anisyl alcohol <para-> 105-13-5 alcohol <0.5% cherry, vanilla, creamy nuances, cocoa, licorice, anise
    Water 7732-18-5 n/a <10%

    Possibly the Anisyl alcohol ?

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    I only get the pepper taste from TFA VBIC.

    I'm OK with CAP & FW.

    I have no idea what causes it.....

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    I don't get a pepper taste, but vanilla bean icecream always seems to be one of those flavours that can ruin a mix if I add too much

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