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Thread: Working Time With Nicotine Liquid?

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    Working Time With Nicotine Liquid?

    I just split my 4 litres of nicotine liquid into 100 ml brown glass bottles. I didn't put any caps on my 100ml bottles, until the first two litres were transferred. As I wanted to top each bottle off with a syringe so as not to over pour from my jug, spilling it. The problem was that the blunt syringe needle I was using was too thin to suck up the nic fast. So it took me longer than I would have liked before I got the caps on the bottles. Should have just taken the needle off I know, but was quite tired at the time and just didn't think of it. What an idiot!

    So anyway, my question is, how much working time do you have before your nicotine liquid (mine was 2 litres of 100mg VG and 2 litres of 100mg PG) starts to oxidise. Cause I want this nic to sit in the freezer for years, so it matters that it is done right.

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    The time exposed to the air would result in negligible deterioration ( unless we are talking weeks lol ) ... Nic oxidation isnt a short term thing at room temperature... if you have topped the bottles up so there is minimal air in the bottle , then you have done the best you can do ... Nic goes off over time because there will always be a little oxygen dissolved in the liquid ... we just minimise the exposure by not having air in the bottle which can over time add to the already dissolved oxygen which makes it oxidise quicker.

    TLDR .. you done gooderer and it will be fine
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    And I'm a Vapogeddon denier anyways

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    4 litres of 100mg. Should be right for a while.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Cams View Post
    4 litres of 100mg. Should be right for a while.
    sheesh, checkout my sig. I bought a 500ml 100mg bottle about 6 months after I started. I'm still going on it.

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