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    Looking for comparative feedback

    G'day Gents & Gentesses,

    Have any of you tried the TPA/TFA DX vs Non-DX flavors back to back?
    Specifically I'm curious on the Bavarian cream vs DX Bavarian cream.

    The standard version uses Acetoin, which can have a 0%-7% diacetyl content as an unintended side product of its manufacturing.
    The DX uses Butyric Acid (Naturally found in butter, also happens to be what gives puke its smell).

    I don't have any Bavarian cream on hand atm so wondering if anyone else has done the direct comparison.


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    I haven't used them yet, and intuition tells me it's going to be a lot harder to achieve a given result with DAAP free flavours.

    Butyric Acid overused would smell like vomit. It's also listed as an irritant for inhalation (but so is PG to some extent). It's hard to find a trusted review of flavours because everyone is different, and that goes a hundred fold for concentrates because it's so easy to get them wrong. I trust TPA to make something useful more than I trust all the reviews that say it is terrible.

    My recommendation: I think you have to bite the bullet and test it if that's the track you want to go down (flavourwise and DAAP-wise) and keep an open mind about how to use it.

    ETA: I *can* tell you that the normal Bavarian Cream adds smooth and creamy notes when you get it right, but is terrible on its own or if you get it wrong.
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