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    Suggest some recipies

    Hi all,

    Wondering what deliciousness you could create with the following flavors;

    Blue Raspberry
    Green Apple

    I love Grape so i'm going to do a pure grape liquid, maybe a Grape, Raspberry and Strawberry liquid. Not sure what to do with the apple

    Let your suggestions pour fourth!

    This is a first version all berry and grape 50/50;
    PG: 38%
    VG: 44%
    Liquid Barn Blue Raspberry: 6%
    Liquid Barn Strawberry: 6%
    The Flavor Apprentice Grape: 6%

    PG/VG: 50/50
    Flavor Total: 18%
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    Test the flavours. If it's a slightly acid apple it might give a bit of zing to other flavours that need it.

    You might need some adjunct flavourings to create something more complex. Creamy type flavours can make it more smooth. Bready and biscuity type flavours can add complexity. A bit of acidity can work well with a lot of fruits, as does a cooling agent. It's hardly ever necessary to add sweetness, but if it is then Ethyl Maltol (cotton candy) is useful.
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