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Thread: Mixing with Menthol annd VG

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    Mixing with Menthol annd VG

    I mixed up a 70%VG menthol ejuice and realised that the menthol would crystalise at room temperature.

    I was confused because the menthol flavour concentrate that I use is 66% pure menthol, and I used only a fraction of it in my e-liquid mix.

    The TFA describes the product as;

    Menthol Liquid (PG)
    Water soluble.

    This is the same flavor as our menthol liquid, with PG instead of the alcohol.

    If you'd prefer to work with menthol crystals, you can duplicate our menthol blend by the ratio:

    For 1000 grams
    660 grams menthol crystals
    340 grams PG

    So, about 1 third PG and two thirds Menthol, by weight.
    Ingredients: Menthol, Propylene Glycol.
    In a 20mL mix, I added

    2 mL 100mg/mL nicotine PG100%
    2mL Menthol PG
    1mL flavouring PG Based
    1mL PG
    14mL VG

    To give;

    70% VG
    30% PG
    -------6.6% Menthol
    -------10mg/mL nicotine
    -------5% Flavour

    [I heated the bottle under warm water for about 5 minutes, and shook really hard. This dissolved the crystals, but after an hour or two, they recrystallized.

    I have now adjusted the methol to 5%, leaving the VG% the same.

    If no improvement, I will bring down the VG.
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    A similar mixing experiment happened to me, heavy crystalisation. So what I did was buy a FW concentrate menthol, mixture was 10 % of menthol concentrate, 30 % of PG , and 60 % of VG. I used magnetic stirrer, stirred it for 3 hours. Heating mat on set at 40 degrees. It did worked for me. Hope that helps. E-juice does still have a strong taste of menthol, and without any crystalisation.
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    Menthol is only slightly soluble in VG. I think by adding your 66% super mix to VG you may be exceeding the solubility of menthol in 70% VG.

    You could try heating the mixture to about 50 to 60C, and add the menthol last. If you can do this without crystalisation there's a chance you may be able to bring it down to room temperature with no problems.

    I'm trying to find a solubility figure for menthol in VG but I'm having trouble. Because it's not considered a good medium to dissolve menthol in, most things I've found only talk about PG or alcohol.
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    Thanks guys,

    Ive been playing with the mixtures, and turns out that all I need is 6 drops per 10mL is all that's needed to get a decent menthol taste and feeling without crystalisation..

    I didnt realise the TFA's Menthol PG is as potent as the alchohol superconcentrates you get from ECMS,VapingZone,juicefactory (although juicefactory only sells Kool, not plain menthol).

    6 drops = ~ 2%, which makes it~ 1.32% total menthol (as the concentrate is 66% total menthol).

    It wold be even smoother at about 1% total I predict.

    This is something to remember for if anyone decides to use menthol crystals and making up 10% solutions in PG.
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