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Thread: Butter Menthol and Classic Anticol flavours?

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    Butter Menthol and Classic Anticol flavours?

    Hey guys, I have really enjoyed mixing my own juices but I'm still not entirely sure how to create these two classic flavors.

    I tried caramel and menthol to make "butter menthol" but still haven't been able to achieve it.

    I also tried to make "Anticol" flavor which I assumed was eucalyptus and menthol with a touch of citrus but still haven't come up with anything satisfying.

    Does anyone here have any ideas? I understand these are menthol heavy flavors, but I am a bit confused as to what flavors I should be using to make a decent recreation of those two treats. I really enjoy the way they clear my head, so a juice that does the same thing would be a real treat
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    That really goes to show how subjective taste is lol

    Anticol vape *vomit*
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    I love anticol lollies. That is the family of eliquid I DIY still vape VK mentholeucalyptus every day. You can get the concentrate from Decadent Vapours (in the UK who have a 20% off for easter sale

    The best little concentrate that hangs everything togther in all my DIY recipes is Horehound.

    I never tried to DIY a butter menthol but my triple mint made with Lorane Cool Creme De menthe with PA mint candy makes a buttery mint. I add peppermint for bite and throathit.
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    Good thread, lets hope it keeps going and something comes out of it. I love those flavours also.
    I got one step closer with Criss's advice and kind contribution of some horehound, but still have not come close to anything that I would rate above "meh".

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    I stumbled across Butter Menthol by accident.

    I was dripping JW Lemon Meringue when I accidentally dripped JW Menthol over the top.

    Close as I could remember to Butter Menthol so I made up a small batch for when I feel a bit flu-ish.
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    This thread reminds me of one of the first boutique overseas juices I tried.

    Mad Alchemist's Winters Bite

    Just like a butter menthol.....

    I may just have to try making one.....
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    I'll give you a hint, the butter menthol recipe has some orange in it
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