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Thread: Veteran Vapers - What ejuice is most closest to the orginal RY4?

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    Just a Saturday morning update:

    So as not to waste the HS RY4, I tried playing with the vanilla balancing.

    I decided to use SC Vanilla and found that it balanced the RY4 out perfectly. All these different vanillas Ive been trying, and the whole time my VapingZone SC Vanilla which I purchased years ago was under my nose the whole time.

    Ive only ever used it to vanillarise my pepsi max, but it turns out its perfect as a background note. Not too much though, only 2 drops per 10mL mix. HS RY4 has been greatly improved.
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    That sounds nice PV 2 drops per 10ml is a good subtle dose, I only put 30 drops of JW tobacco concentrate in 100 ml's of juice which is the same as 3 drops per 10ml.
    It's amazing how a couple of months steeping can bring the flavor right out even at such low doses.

    Does wonders for smoothing out the nic too especially if one uses cheap nic like me, I won't even touch a juice unless it's been steeping for at least 6 weeks.

    My take on RY4 is 50/50 @ 5mg 100 ml

    Juice Whore Signature tobacco blend: 30 drops
    Flavourart Nut mix: 15 drops
    Flavourart Joy: 10 drops
    Juice Factory Madagascar vanilla: 15 drops

    8 weeks min steep time at room temp and enjoy...
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    Quote Originally Posted by PurpleVapes View Post
    Found this comment by Fatman from back in the day

    Here's what I think happened.

    Ruyan had flavours 1, 2, 3 and 4.

    Number 4 was most popular,

    Janty (device maker) and Dekang/Boge (juice maker) set out to copy RY4.

    They came up with their own.

    Something happened at Dekang/Boge to make Jide Yao leave.

    Jide began selling the RY4 as we see it today in Hangsen RY4, and decoded to sell the other flavours he and Ludo came up with on that Sunday Afternoon. (Ry1,2 and 3)

    Then everyone else came up with their own RY4. (Became more of a juice style ; caramel vanilla tobacco)

    Ludo eventually started up caferacer and sold the new improved RY4 Lucky13.

    Someone needs to make a movie about this.
    None of the Hangsen RYs or Jantys taste like the original Dekang which wasn’t the original recipe anyway.
    Surprisingly the old (5 years ago or so) HCRY4 was claimed to be the closest for a long time and was very good.
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