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    DIY - Steam Cream Clone/Variant ?

    I wouldn't say that I've met with any great success so far, but today I had what I would consider a minor breakthrough.

    I was told by a reputable source that Dulce De Leche was probably heavily used. My curiosity was put to rest once I copped a whiff of it. It had a familiar stench that I could only associate with Steam cream. That was to serve as the foundation of this project.

    On intuition, I was fairly certain that TFA-FVC also had a place in this mix. That and some kind of Custard flavor. On a whim, I also bought CAP- VBIC, TFA- Brown Sugar, TFA- Peanut Butter, TFA Sweetener. I was unable to purchase CAP- Custard.

    First few batches went horribly wrong though and eventually lead to the realization that maybe De Leche isn't even used. Either that or my portions were way off.

    Leche: 2ml
    TFA-Vanilla Custard: 1ml
    Bevarian Cream: 0.5ml
    CAP-VBIC: 0.8ml

    (Wrong type of custard used. If it does contain a Custard, it must be CAP or another brand that isn't so sweet/artificial. Still needs a more accurate evaluation)

    Leche: 2ml
    VBIC: 2ml
    French Vanilla Cream: 1.5ml

    (WAY too much VBIC, tasted peppery, also flavors conflicting, tasted pretty dirty actually)

    Leche: 2ml
    TFA DX Caramel: 0.5ml
    TFA- Brown Sugar: 0.5ml
    TFA Peanut Butter: 1ml
    Bevarian Cream: 1ml

    (Better than fail two, but flavors still conflicting, possibly Leche not getting along with other flavors)

    Leche: 3ml
    FVC: 1ml

    (Here I wanted to test the synergy between the two base flavors and also further analyze Leche without many possible conflicts. What I learned is Leche was mostly responsible for the dirty conflicting taste in previous batches. If it is used, it must be a minute portion)

    Current version:

    VBIC: 0.4ML
    FVC: 1ml
    TFA-DX Caramel: 0.5ml

    (Seems I was overthinking this stuff. Haven't had the chance to fine-tune the portions or even steep it, but this is getting very close. I'm no longer tasting any foreign ingredients or conflicting flavors. FVC is totally balanced out to the point you wouldn't compare it to the straight flavor. I am also very relieved that the Peppery taste from VBIC is totally absent now.)

    I am fairly certain that I have identified the base flavors, but I am also aware that there is at least one ingredient missing from it. It was suggested that INW-Custard could be used, but haven't been able to source any from my usual vape store.

    Unlike all previous batches, version 5 is missing the golden honey-like coloration, which it had previously inherited from the use of De Leche. While Version 5 is virtually indistinguishable to the smell, it doesn't have such a prolific alcoholic aroma to it. TFA- Vanilla custard smells very alcoholic to me, but as discussed above, that sweet/artificial custard flavor does not belong in this juice, though Custard in general could be responsible for the coloration.

    CAP- Custard is totally out of contention due to it's inclusion of citrus, leaving only INW. I do have some Flavor West- Vanilla custard in the cupboard, but frankly the smell of it scares me. It doesn't even smell alcohol-based, nor does it smell of custard, it smells horrible to be completely honest. Not picking up any hallmark signatures of Steam cream in it either.

    So whats up ? Did they poison this thing with alcohol to mask/subdue a custard base ? The weird thing about Steam cream is that the flavor itself isn't very intense at all. It has a very natural sweetness to it, one of the few juices that don't leave that artificial sweet taste in your mouth. Sometimes it can taste like nothing much at all. It's very obscure, in the sense that it has an evident over-saturation of flavor, without being that flavorful. It's one of the few juices that will clog coils/wicks in less than a day, yet it achieves this without being overly sweet or sugary.

    It's almost as if they bashed it with flavor and then nuked it with alcohol. At any rate, I am very excited to see what will come when I start adjusting the portions. As it is now, version 5 is actually a very decent vape for me, which might suggest I'm almost bang-on with the existing flavors. I am guessing that there is only one more piece to this puzzle.

    I'd more than welcome any suggestions on what to try next. I have absolutely zero experience with alcohol additives in e-juice, so I'm not even sure where to start on that.
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