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    Please check my maths and logic

    Heya guys

    I'm getting ready to do some mixing and I want someone to check my maths before I go ahead. I am, to be honest, a shitful cook and I'm sure that messing up my measurements is one of my problems!

    I have:

    a Pimps Butterscotch doubler from JW (obviously 0mg)
    100 mg stregth unflavored nic
    50/50 PG/VG liquid

    I want to end up with 20 mg strength nic with the standard strength of Pimps Butterscotch. For the sake of simplicity let's say that I want to make 10 ml. Furthermore, let's not worry about the PG/VG ratio.

    According to my calcs I would combine

    2 ml of the unflavored nic
    4.7 ml of the unflavored pg/vg
    3.3 ml of the Pimps Butterscotch

    Logic check:

    To reduce the unflavored nic from 100mg to 20mg I need to dilute 1 part of it with 5 equal parts of 0mg liquid.

    A doubler from JW is twice the strength as a standard vape mix, therefore to achieve standard stregth I need to mix 1 part doubler with 2 equal parts unflavored liquid.

    The total the doubler and unflavored PG/VG therefore must equal 5 times the amount of nic liquid.

    The total of doubler used should be 1/3 of the total amount produced.

    The ejuice calc I checked on agrees ... but that's only valid IF my logic re the doubler is correct.

    Over to you.

    Vape on.
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    2ml unflavoured 100mg nic.

    5ml doubler.

    leaves 3ml required of PG or VG or both

    You say it's a doubler but 3.3ml would be the amount for a tripler

    eJuice Recipe Calculator

    standard vape on it's own 100%
    doubler use 50% in your final mix
    tripler use 33.333333% in your final mix.
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    I use a simpler method.
    make 10ml of 20mg/ml liquid you need 200mg of nic.
    so its obvious you need 2ml of the 100mg/ml.

    its also obvious that ideally you want to use 5ml of doubler in the 10ml. its a doubler.

    that leaves 3ml of the pg/vg

    so 1.5ml is vg, which makes it 15% vg at the end of it assuming all the rest is straight pg,.

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    Thanks guys - I knew there was something wrong but couldn't figured what because the maths was right.

    I figured it had to be my logic (hence the tedious post)

    Vape on!



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