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Thread: Couple of questions

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    Couple of questions

    Hey guys wondering how you use concentrates opposed to premixed doublers.

    Is it the same process of adding your own vg/pg nicotine and vap away or is there more to it?

    Is the flavour similar in both?

    And finally I like sweet candy like flavour which taste like lollies eg grape from smokeless image premixed with nicotine tastes exactly like hubba bubba grape. Does anyone know of others which taste EXACTLY like any sweets

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dee_Dee View Post
    Hey guys wondering how you use concentrates opposed to premixed doublers.

    Is it the same process of adding your own vg/pg nicotine and vap away or is there more to it?

    Is the flavour similar in both?
    Similar, but you only use a small amount of concentrate (3% to 15%), need to use some plain PG and / or VG to add to the volume prior to adding your nic.

    For example, 3% concentrate, 47%PG to make "a doubler", then mix with your nic.

    Taste could be similar depending on what flavour concentrate you use

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    i use concentrates on a drips per ml basis, or more usually a drips per 10ml basis as thats the smallest i make up in general.
    for me, generally i use 1 to 2 drips per ml, depending on flavour, so if mixing a 10ml bottle i would use 20 drops of FA butterscotch.

    if i have it down pat, i would then write 20 on the side of the bottle to give me a guide.

    if i was going to get more serious about it, a little notebook and pencil in the bathroom drawer with the concentrates would come in handy to jot recipe experiments.

    i assume a drip is about 1/30 of a ml, its around that .. so 1 drip per ml is 3% to me.

    its all a bit more approximate with me than using doublers and i will change ratios depending on day io the week, mood, intended atty, voltage, age of atty etc .. but a baseline is good to know just for a starting point.
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    I use mostly Healthcabin flavor concentrates & I mostly mix my own juices rather than using doublers.
    Most HC flavors need 10% - 20% added to juice I find, for my own taste. I have used PA flavors too & some others & the amount used of those can be a bit less, in general.
    As a general guide, when using a new flavor concentrate, start with a 5ml mix (I usually use a 30ml bottle & measure quantities to 5ml) & make a small amount of juice. Start with 5% flavor in your juice, vape a few drops on an atty to test it.
    If not strong enough mix up another 5ml with 15% flavor & add it to the 5% flavor juice to get 10% flavor, test vape again.
    If still not strong enough mix up another 10ml juice @ 20% flavor & combine the 10ml of juice you already made to get 15% flavor, test vape again.
    If still not quite there, mix up a 25% flavor 20ml juice mix with the 15% juice to get a 20% flavored juice, test vape. If it isn't strong enough by now, then I would just add flavor to the juice you have made already, since you will have 40ml made up.
    A few drops at a time though, since you really should not need a juice stronger than 25% flavor, there are some that are actually good with 25% but I have never found any that needed more flavor concentrate than that.
    If the flavor is too strong in any of the above steps, fixing that is easy, just add more nic, PG &/or VG.

    This is my standard recipe using HC concentrates:
    36mg nic 100% PG base 15ml
    20% flavor concentrate 6ml (counted as PG in the PG/VG ratio)
    20% pure VG 6ml
    10% pure PG 3ml
    This makes a 30ml juice that is 18mg/ml, with 20% flavor, in a ratio of 80/20 PG/VG. For use with Boge cartos, this is the perfect ratio of PG/VG,(for me).
    When I use smok dual coil cartos I find they need more VG & a bit more flavor(to compensate for the muted flavor by the extra VG) than the Boges, so I drop the 3mls of PG, add 0.5ml more flavor & 2.5ml more VG.
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