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    Menthol blueberry recipie for you!

    This is my all day vape and has been for ages. It is dead easy and very cheap to make

    You need:
    54mg/l PG Nic
    Perfumers Apprentice Blueberry
    Perfumers Apprentice Menthol

    First make the menthol at about 5% and nic at about 10mg

    This is my recipie

    Take 4 ml of 54mg PG nic
    Add 16 ml VG
    Add 1mg PA Menthol (this stuff is strong)

    This makes about 21ml
    Add 210 drops of PA blueberry.

    Shake a lot, maybe steep for a day (although i dont)

    Sorry the mesurements arent exact.. and using drops instead of ML for the blueberry.. but I have found this is perfect formula.

    Tastes like a sort of menthol blueberry cough drop but the blueberry is subtle and the blueberry is like a nice aftertaste. Putting more blueberry in seems to weaken the blueberry taste for some reason.

    I usually add the blueberry in my carto tank. So i make the menthol as above and put 30 drops of blueberry into my 3ml tank once nearly full of menthol. Ive experimented with more and less blueberry and found this to be perfect

    Oh and im using one of the small droppers PA ship with their juices, im not sure but i think the drops would be smaller than from a normal ejuice bottle

    I usually vape stronger ejuice for other flavours like my BB which i vape at 16-18mg (i dilute it). But this menthol is very moreish so i vape at less strength
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    Thanks will give that one a try never vaped blueberry before but love menthol
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