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Thread: HC Concentrates

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    HC Concentrates

    I take no credit for these mixes, these are all from Fudgeball and Noe. HC needs to put up some sort of rough guideline or starting point for each flavor! would make DIY a lot easier from them. Here is a list i have compiled so far from AVF users.

    Kiwi - 20% (pretty faint)
    Pear - 20% (this is pretty faint too, more like an english pear and not the chinese ones)
    Pineapple - 15% (like canned pineapple)
    Juicy peach - 15% (like canned peach, with a slight candy like taste)
    Creamy vanilla - 20-25% (this tastes best strong imo, but the flavour seems to fade if left out mixed for too long, best to mix in small batches from personal experience)
    Caramel - 7-10% (rather strong, actually rather reminiscent of RY4, not a typical caramel flavour)
    Lemon - 7-10% (rather strong as well - tastes nice when mixed with pineapple and raspberry/strawberry for that pink lemonade flavour :P)
    Green Apple - 15% (definitely a granny smith apple, very refreshing!)
    Passionfruit - 10% tastes like a passionfruit spritz
    Lemon black tea - awesome at 10%, it's pretty strong
    Strawberry 15% I think this tastes best tart imo and usually have mine at about 15% (testing 20%)
    Lychee - 10%, one of my fav flavours
    Banana - 20%, more like a fresh ripe banana than a candy
    Blackcurrant - is just like you would expect Ribena cordial to taste, very strong & you don't need to use a lot, I would guess about 10% at most on its own.
    Energy Cow - am loving the hc energy cow at 10 %
    RY4 - 10-12%, very much like the pre mix. A flavor we are most accustomed too.
    Spearmint - 6-10% a nice fresh spearmint flavor, not to sweet, great all day vape.

    If anyone has anymore confirmed mixes to add, i will re-edit this first post and include them so there is a reference list for everyone to use.

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    Cocoa - 20% tastes a lil more like a slightly bitter milo powder (if that makes sense, but still yummy none the less)
    Peanut - 15% (candy peanut, but note, the taste will linger in your poly carb tank even after a wash)
    Root beer soda - 10% (tastes more like a pepsi than a rootbeer)
    Caramel soda - 15% (ginger ale, yeapp that's what I'm getting)
    Creamy Vanilla - 20% and let it steep for about 3 days and you're in heaven
    Butterscotch - Tastes best at 20%, SUPER yummy especially when fired at a higher wattage
    Cola Soda - 20%, it was ok.. Nothing to shout about imo (did not crack my stardust)
    Caramel Butter - 15% tastes just like buttered popcorn
    Orange Soda - 20% yummy orange koolaid ish flavour (did not crack my stardust)

    P.S DO NOT BUY SWEET OSMANTHUS - unless you love vaping something that tastes like complete ass that is infused with some pukable floralish perfume
    Blackberry - Tried it at 15% and I ended up dumping it down the sink (HORRID perfumy flavour, might try mixing it at a lower percentage someday if I pick up the courage again) lol

    After trying out Strawberry at 20% - that imo is the way to go

    Hope this helps!!!
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    Hamimelon - 20% tastes exactly like sweet rockmelon, can be mixed with tobacco flavors with good results.
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