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    The four pillars for Regulating for tobacco harm reduction

    Regulation for tobacco harm reduction – four pillars The counterfactual

    1.To raise the standards of products and industry practice

    2. To maintain and enhance the appeal of the reduced risk products relative to cigarettes

    3. To promote, rather than inhibit, innovation, diversity and competition in low risk alternatives to smoking

    4. To protect against unwanted or unintended consequences

    This is how I interpret his graph:


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    I'd go along with that

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    Regulation is costly and technical. Also, allowing nicotine sales to be legal in australia COULD be a negative effect on GDP.. i say COULD <-----like this, because I'm thinking in terms of the economy, if everyone is smoking ecigarettes and not using nicabate it COULD result in:

    Increased unemployment, decreased exports & decreased investment:
    -nicabate australia is owned by an Australian organisation/HUGE corporation and "makes a significant contribution to the Australian economy through employment, exports, manufacturing and local investment."

    said the budding finance student who suffered through two semesters of economics...
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