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Thread: Seeking allergy advice

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    The good news is that I would reckon it is highly unlikely that you'll be allergic to everything in vaping and with a bit of experimentation you'll be able to figure out something that works for you.
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    I really appreciate you taking the time to write a reply and try to help me resolve the problem. Im definitely going to try your tips to help me figure out what is causing the allergy. Thanks heaps for your help!!! ☺
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    Just wondering how you went with this?

    I had a similar thing. I had been happily vaping for 12 months with no problems. I had been trying new flavourings and started on a blueberry flavour. I didn't like it much but mixed with coconut it was ok. I found my self getting seemingly random snotty noses. I mean really horrible rivers of clear snot. I didn't think much of it at the time (I get hay fever so put it down to that). A few months passed with no problems because I wasn't using that flavour till I went away for the weekend and grabbed a full bottle of the blueberry mix and I vaped it exclusively for that weekend. Again rivers of snot and it developed into a full on infection. Again I didn't put 2 and 2 together over the next year I had these seemingly random episode of chronic sinusitis. Saw an ENT specialists who wanted to operate on me. It seemed to settle for a while as I didn't use the blueberry. Ordered a bunch of new flavourings. It started again. Went flavourless for a while then reintroduced flavours one by one and discovered water melon, Mandarin and blueberry all made my nose run like a tap. Everything else is fine.
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    Is there a genuine allergy specialist in the house? Or do we know of one?

    Got to be someone out there who can assist in nailing down what exactly is going on in these cases and/or develop a method for working out what causes the problem in each specific case. No need for them to be a vapist, just someone who knows their stuff and can provide insight.

    I ask as my son just had a test for allergies, and it came back with only a few things that he's 'minimally' allergic to, mostly plant pollen and house dust. House dust isn't a surprise, gets me too. Just a blood sample, off it went and we got a full page of what was tested and what he was and was not affected by and to what level.

    Not rocket surgery, but better than us folks stabbing in the dark.


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    allergies can be idiosyncratic... and once in an allergy state ...a heightened disturbed state of WTF world... .. even things previously benign can produce a full blown allergy hell... in my experience.. but.. as I say.. what would I know.. apart from being allergic to the world at some stages in my life... and runny nose vaping !

    edit to add cinnamon just kills me!
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    im not allergic but i had a low tolerance to PG.
    Puffing high PG for a couple weeks i would start getting a hive rash in some of the most stupidest places.

    All my mixes are 80%-95% VG now and i haven't had a repeat problem in years.


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