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Thread: That kind of ejuice

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    That kind of ejuice

    I was told there was a change in our laws not so long ago.

    There are several companies in the US selling starter kits with that kind of ejuice.

    Strength ranges from 100mg to 2000mg (but after a closer look, those appear to be total amounts - like calling a 10mL bottle of 24mg/mL nic ejuice "240mg").

    I'm not a regular smoker of that stuff. In all honesty, this is more of query for a relative.

    I am interested in trying it just to see if actually works. I didn't think you could dissolve that stuff in PG/VG with it being an oil, but if they're selling our kind of gear with it, then it must have been formulated properly.

    I just dont want to gamble the $80+ testing the system.

    I can't see how this is not on topic for this forum. All the gear used to consume that kind of ejuice is the same stuff we use.

    So, is it legal to import? Has anyone has issues in importing it? Has anyone tried it? Most importantly, does it work?
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    Nicotine typically comes from a plant, but it doesn't look like it when you see the stuff we use.

    I'd expect they can extract the 'important' parts from the plant, and leave the rest of it in a filter at the processing plant. Probably no different to how aspirin comes (still?) from tree bark(?), but looks nothing like it when you have a small white tablet.

    Not that I care at all. Not interested in it now, and would only be interested in it if it was a potential solution to some chronic health problem I had.

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    Maybe a PM to a Moderator clarifying the "legalities" of discussing "that" juice might be in order? Might save a lot of head scratching.

    If it's not in order, then UKVapers has a hidden forum where I'm sure you can pose those questions
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    Hmmmm... not again.

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    There we go again...
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    Are you talking about the CBD eliquid without the THC? I think its legal if it doesn't have THC or less than 2%
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    Regardless of legality/morality I dont think AVF is the place for this discussion .. Nicotine vaping is going to have a hard enough time in this country without having to link it with other substances .

    "I can't see how this is not on topic for this forum. All the gear used to consume that kind of ejuice is the same stuff we use." <--- thing is you are not questioning the gear but rather how it works with the "substance"and the practicality of importing it, the gear (like that with vaping) I am sure would be legal to import, the "substance" probably not.
    As to how they sell that stuff over there , in many U.S. states it is a legal medicinal product... I would suspect you would have a rather large issue "importing" it if it came with the "substance"

    I also suspect you will have much better luck discussing this topic on a forum designed to handle it
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