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Thread: Vape gear and airport security

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    I recently flew these routes:

    Bangkok-Siem Reap.
    Ho Chi Mihn-Da Nang.

    The most insane security was probably checking in for the Bangkok-Siem Reap flight, and possibly the domestic Ho Chi Mihn-Da Nang flight.

    I had no troubles with my Cupti, SubVod and ToGo. I removed the battery from the Cupti and stored it in the proper battery case.

    I think the S.E. Asian customs are more interested in drugs, and taking your alcohol off you so they can take it home and sell to their mates. The police are a different matter
    as they have more of an entrepreneurial work culture and essentially get paid a retainer.

    Aussie security don't mind so long as your batteries are properly encased.

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    Don't take more than 2 spare batteries properly packaged.

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    Just got back yesterday from a two week cruise. Flew Melb to Syd and back with two mods, four 18650's, plenty of juice, several tanks and a Nitecore battery charger in my carry on and not a single person said a word. No issues anywhere.
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    Got back from holiday to Indonesia and Singapore carry my squonker and ego one.

    No problem what so ever in the last screening. Put the mod and 2 battery in the carry cas. No one bat an eye lit.

    It is not illegal to vape in Indonesia but it is in Singapore.

    I see people vape everywhere no problem, but in saying that I am from Indonesia so I don't get targeted.

    In Singapore I vape in airport smoking area but I do not do it outside, when I'm in Singapore I either do it in parking lot or some quite corner where not much people around.

    I carry juice as well 3 of 60ml bottle in zip lock back. No problem

    I leave my charger in the check in luggage

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    I good friend of mine had an interesting experience 2 weeks ago at the Mascot domestic terminal.

    She was waiting for a connecting flight and went outside for a vape.

    When she came back through security, she was stopped and quizzed about her Joytech eGo AIO.

    She was asked if the device had a metal coil that in it that heated up, and then was asked "can the device be made into a bomb".

    As she is not a bomb expert she replied "I dont know, I just press the button and breath in the steam".

    I would be interested whether the security guard was just joking or if they think vaping devices are now thought as being a security risk on flights.

    She was let through with the eGo after the grilling.
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