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Thread: Cig craving out of the blue after 1 year+

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    Your definitely an ex-smoker now, ozman. It might be time to treat yourself to a new mod with a bit more oomph, then you will really convince yourself that you will never smoke again.
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    Quote Originally Posted by ozman View Post
    I still get the odd craving, managed to get through the whole Christmas thing without lighting up. My pack and a half that I saved still sits on my desk right beside me, and every time I think about them I just vape more, working so far after almost two months. I just keep convincing myself that the vape is just as good for the whole mental challenge, it delivers my 12mg nic, so I don't need anything else. I think if I lit up again it would be game over for vaping, it would slide as a passing fad, then making and topping up juice and keeping the T20 charged would look like a chore. I think don't give up a good thing, take the win and feel (and smell) way better for it, and keep convincing one's-self of the fact. For those still lighting up occasionally, at least you can feel good cutting down, no biggie, but for me I think I'd relapse badly if I decided to have 'just one'.
    Yes same here - I reckon one just one Rollie would send me over to the dark side - not worth the risk - I still love the smell of port royal or champion ruby but gosh tailor mades really stink but then - they always did.
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    I'd love a rollie

    Adore one

    But vaping has spoiled me, so it'd need to somehow incorporate some nice rosewood or something
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    It's strange I have never been able to quit my about 40+ a day habit even though me & the missus have tried regularly over 50+ years of smoking. When approaching my 70th birthday with a terrible wheezing chest I found vaping & haven't had a smoke since & no cravings for one even though there are ciggies in the house because my wife still lightly smokes & lightly vapes. She pays $33 for a 25 pack of Alpine which she makes last about 5 days.

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    If there were ciggys in the house, I would be tempted, but not if they were Alpine, lol.
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    Total noob, but very interested in vaping and want to give up the cigs.


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