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Thread: Not much flavour?

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    Not much flavour?

    hello, just bought my first vape, an aspire k3 starter kit, i bought two different flavour juices but the tastes arnt that strong nor that great, i watch people on youtube and it seems like when they take a hit its like they just ate a slice of cake, it seems my vape isnt that good, it gets build up of vape juice in the drip tip, gets very hot very quick, should i buy a new one? diy my own juice? i just dont want to spend 150 on a vape and the supplies
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    Maybe you could try some nautilus bvc 1.8ohm coils i found em better than the tritons. Maybe another tank as well. This one is a cracker for flavor on a 1.8ohm nautilus bvc coil.

    Unfortunately ur battery looks unjustable and being a 1200mah battery i don't think it will be putting out to many watts.
    I would recommend one of these for a starter kit u can't go wrong.

    Just make sure you pick up a 18650 battery to go along with it.
    I used one of these for well over 6 months as my first kit. On board charging works a treat.

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    have you just given up the cigs? taste buds take a while to recover, some people need to use "doublers" as singlers to get enough flavour to satisfy

    the hardware you have isn't terrible, but far from the best, and other options could also help
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    As dogman said if you're fresh of the smokes it takes time for taste to come back. For me personally it took about a month to fully taste again. Flavour also depends on your atomizer and especially juice. wether it puts off alot of vapour or the same amount of vapour as you would get smoke of a ciggie it's all down to the juice.
    Tried beginner clearos like yours and they work decent as a first step but if you want more flavour highly recommend the Nautilus mini with 1.8ohm coils. A bit more vapour and alot better flavour. Also recommend the istick pico to pair with it, a fantastic beginner mod and have heard nothing but good things about it. Can run the Nautilus with no dramas and if you wish to move up along the line it has growing room offering a bit more power. Also wont break the bank either.

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    I've always found that the small Vape-pen style kits or starter-kits in general to be quite woeful. If you're coming off smokes, it's actually counter-intuitive to buy a low powered unit to begin with. This is because you'll need something substantial to give a comparable experience to Smoking, both in volume and in taste. When I came off Smokes, I had this farty little Vape-pen, I found myself sucking the bum out of it and burning through coils on an hourly basis just to get a semblance of what I was used to with Smoking.

    My advice is to get a reasonably priced regulated mod in the 50-80 watt range and a true rebuild-able Tank. I personally use Reuleaux Gen2 because it takes three 18650 batteries, giving you a potential for 9,000mah of battery-life. The Tank is purely subjective, depending on what type of Vaper you are. But a trick I found to get good taste for Mouth-to-lung usage is to go for small diameter but long drip-tips. This helps in two ways. It can help reduce Tank splutter and if you are Mouth-to-lung, it will concentrate vapor on your tongue, giving slightly more intensity to the vapor.

    This would be my recommendation for a regulated mod: Reuleaux RX GEN3 - Wismec Electronics Co.,Ltd Going to buy these myself as soon as the Green is back in stock.

    If you invest around $200 to the whole kit, (Mod-Tank-Wire-Wick-Batteries) be assured that it will last a long time and give much better results. In my experience I had a much better return on my investment this way. I'm still using those Mods/Tanks that I bought 3 years ago. And if you do the math for Vaping vs Smokes, Vaping is less than half the price. Good luck with it.
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