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Thread: sub-ohm help

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    I use samsung 25r batteries and have never had any problems and like a lot of others here buy them from supersports600 on ebay
    2 x Samsung 18650 INR - 25R 2500mAh HIGH CURRENT rechargeable Lithium INR-25R | eBay
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    Samsung 25r's grabbed them from vapeking that way i know i get good batterys
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    Yeah what captive said, Supersports600 on ebay is the best place to get batteries from and he's in Australia.
    The Samsung 25R's will serve you well and they have a 25 amp rating for when you get into making your own coils so you'll be able to build low resistance coils, the Samsung 30Q is another great battery as is the LG HG2, both have a higher amp hour rating than the 25R's so they will last longer between charges but the pay off is they are only rated to 20 amp. Sony VTC5 is another good one.
    Don't forget to order a charger lol

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    I was only at Cairns airport. If someone dobbed me in, good luck with that, on multiple levels.

    (I had a great excuse for any random jerkoff, that would have held up somewhat officially too if needed. And "not what but who you know" if it went any further than that. Only valid at Cairns airport.)


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    Another aussie ebay vendor you may want to look at (senfty67), especially if you need a charger as well.
    I bought this charger, mainly cause 4bay, charges almost all kinds of batts, each bay is individually charged, and stops the current when fully charged. you'll likely want a 4bay or 2 if you and the missus are using separate units + backup batts.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Dilating Pupils View Post
    lol consensus is in and decision is 95% made just one more query...

    @emu thanks for the advice on battery muchly appreciate it. Is there any particular brand I should buy and any I should steer away from ?

    @Schtoo I am just trying to find one fellow nana benderer here in Rockhampton that vapes. The boss lady and I are feeling lonely lol. And I agree with the whole nose turning bit as around here it seems the dob in a vaper and QH have really used scare mongering to the max.
    Rocky and Mackay where I am has very few vapers, and most of them tend to keep their heads down I think. It's a novelty just to have a vape with someone. If you are passing through heading north, give me a yell.

    The Pico 75 can also be updated with the Arctic Fox firmware. This is Open Source (community driven) software that gives you the kind of control that you normally only get with Escribe on DNA devices. Arctic Fox is a geekfest if you are that way inclined. There's some threads on AVF about using it - maybe search for "arctic fox".

    For batteries, if you are staying under 50 watts I've used the Samsung 25R and the LG HE4 to good effect. They are 2500mAh batteries. I think I'm going to standardize on the Samsung 30Q though - it's a safe 3000mAh battery that is working very well.

    If you are going over 50 watts all the time, then the winner there is probably the Sony VTC5a. An outstanding battery with great capacity at 2500mAh.
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