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Thread: The Epic Quest For Mouth-Draw Tanks

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    The Epic Quest For Mouth-Draw Tanks

    The evolution and current direction of the RBA market makes me quite sad. I have been Vaping for around 5 years, And I recall when the market first hit Australia, it wasn't uncommon to find tanks with features more conducive to mouth-draw vaping. It is my understanding that one of the reasons for this was, Ex-smoker's, or simply people looking to kick the habit, could associate with the hot mouth-draw sensation, as this method was the next best thing to Smoking. I think that aspect was very important, as it made the transition from Smoking less abrupt, And I don't think Smoker's can relate so much to the seemingly gluttonous approach of the Lung-draw method, which is more a likeness to smoking a Bong.

    Being an Ex-smoker myself, the qualities I look for in Vaping are almost identical to what I loved about Smoking. I am very dismayed by the fact pretty much every single tank on the market today caters strictly to the Lung-draw demographic. Take the Steamery for example, I have not been able to purchase a tank from them since they stocked the Lemo and Lemo 2. Despite the fact that these tanks have some niggling issues, they are by far the best tank I've used for the sake of Mouth-draw. The chimney diameter, length and tight tolerance air-control give them a splendid Draw for Mouth-to-lung. Something that I haven't found replicated on any of the modern tanks of today.

    My failure to locate any comparable tanks is not through lack of trying either. I have regrettably purchased a number of tanks in the last few years, all of which were absolutely dreadful by comparison. Their only redeeming quality being that they don't have a propensity to Leak. With that realization, I have been gobbling up all the Lemo's and Lemo 2's that I could get my hands on. Unfortunately, by the time I had this realization, most of the Lemo's were gone. Eventually I resorted to buying used one's. I saw some advertised on Fast-tech, but was not willing to send pictures of my license and credit card that they requested upon ordering.

    Well you might be asking, what's the problem if I have all these Lemo's ? - Well, I wouldn't really call it a problem, save for the fact these tanks will degrade and my spare-parts bin has seen better days. I think what I'm getting at, in-part, I feel sad that I will never have any new Tanks to look forward to or experience, nor will I ever experience innovations centered around Mouth-draw Vaping. Secondly, I am sour that today's market panders only to the new trend of blowing obnoxiously large clouds of vapor into the air, And it's true inspiration has been forgotten.

    If there are any Mouth-draw Vaper's left out there, I'd welcome any suggestions for Tanks in this category.
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    There are a lot of us still around and a thread dedicated to the various tanks we prefer

    The Mouth To Lung Thread.
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    Welcome TNK ! all is not lost.. there has in fact been a resurgence in MTL RTA's with many new releases lately and some still to come !
    The Berserker
    The Kayfun Prime
    The Siren original was the one I collected and now there is a recently released V2
    Innokin updated its T18 starter kit to the new T20 and are about to release a new MTL tank in association with P Bussado and a new MTL RTA-
    and not only that, if you are so inclined to consider the squonking world, there are quite a few excellent RDA's that fit the bill if you search through ALL the massive airy cloudy ones... some I found are almost too restricted in airflow .. which is a lovely thing to find so fear not MTL vapers are alive and well !!

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    Thanks for the replies guys. I guess I just reached a threshold of disappointment where I gave up any hope of suitable tanks entering the market. It has been roughly a year since I have even entertained the idea of buying a new tank. And honestly, I didn't want to waste any more money on tanks that aren't good for me. As such, I have turned to the community in a last-ditch effort to get some real-world recommendations. Gone are the days I'd buy a tank off of face-value.

    I very much appreciate you listing those tanks 1ynne. There is a glimmer of hope after all.

    PS: Love the signature 1ynne, it's adorable!
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    Vandy Vape Beserker and Merlin mini come to mind
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    Go old school. Look for quality s/h. There's still new about if you search, albeit rare.



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